With its luxurious lodgings and renowned spa, the resort is the perfect spot for a rejuvenating vacation With its luxurious lodgings and renowned spa, the resort is the perfect spot for a rejuvenating vacation
Nestled in the jungle above Bali’s sacred Ayung River Nestled in the jungle above Bali’s sacred Ayung River
Main Pool Main Pool
Balinese Massage Balinese Massage
Spa Bath Tub Spa Bath Tub
Health Club Health Club
One-Bedroom Duplex Suite One-Bedroom Duplex Suite
One-Bedroom Suite, terrace One-Bedroom Suite, terrace
One-Bedroom Suite, living area One-Bedroom Suite, living area
One-Bedroom Suite, sleeping area One-Bedroom Suite, sleeping area
One-Bedroom Villa, exterior One-Bedroom Villa, exterior
One-Bedroom Villa, terrace One-Bedroom Villa, terrace
One-Bedroom Villa, pool One-Bedroom Villa, pool
One-Bedroom Villa, bedroom One-Bedroom Villa, bedroom
One-Bedroom Villa, bathroom One-Bedroom Villa, bathroom
The Riverside Café serves barbecue, wood-fired pizzas and seafood by the river The Riverside Café serves barbecue, wood-fired pizzas and seafood by the river
The Ayung Terrace serves modern Asian and Indonesian food The Ayung Terrace serves modern Asian and Indonesian food
Jati Bar Jati Bar
Sayan Villa Sayan Villa
River-view Two-Bedroom Villa River-view Two-Bedroom Villa
Royal Villa Royal Villa
The Lotus Pond The Lotus Pond
Traditional Balinese dancer Traditional Balinese dancer
Sunrise shot of lake and Mount Batur Sunrise shot of lake and Mount Batur

Bali Detox Retreat – Four Seasons Resort at Sayan *****

This Bali Detox Retreat is beautifully located near the town of Ubud, an area known for its tranquil seclusion and far-reaching views, the village of Sayan marks a special spot along the Ayung River. It is here amidst tall tropical trees that a unique architectural entity rises from the lush greenery like a giant Zen garden ornament. Saucer-shaped levels float above one another, the spaces formed between their absent walls laid open to the elements.


Entrance to this one-of-a-kind resort, the Four Seasons Bali at Sayan, is via a suspended bridge that brings guests straight to the very top of the hotel. Here, they are greeted by the placid surface of a levitated pond, complete with water lilies. They then descend a flight of stairs situated in the middle of the water feature to the reception area on the level below. The journey down beneath the water signifies the purification that is to follow.


It is hard not to feel a sense of reverence here, as one stands looking into the majestic Ayung Valley, held sacred by the Balinese. Just breathing the bracing air, cooled by the altitude and an abundance of trees, refreshes the body in anticipation of the spa treatments to follow. Each one draws on the distinctive qualities of the resort's location, using plants, herbs, spices and even clay of the surrounding regions to heal and energise.


The wholly immersive experience is not only a matter of Eastern scents and liniments, but also includes lavish attention to the spa environment. A total of three luxurious spa villas cater to the needs of guests, and all are built in the traditional Balinese style, with Indonesian silks, specially designed teak furnishings and exquisite details. Two of the villas feature outdoor pavilions with steam showers and soaking tubs, while the Cendana Villa boasts showers over its two massage beds and a private outdoor pool. Additionally, the main spa has four treatment rooms equipped with baths.


Once in the hands of an experienced therapist, there is nothing left but to enjoy the full complement of pleasures that the acclaimed Four Seasons spa menu offers. From Ayurvedic treatments – such as Suci Dhara, which improves circulation with a scalp massage and a warm herbal oil rub, and Chakra Dhara, in which two therapists clear blockages with a back, scalp, hand and foot massage – to full body wraps with volcanic mud from the mountains, every need is taken care of. Even beauty treatments and pedicures are done with a twist, such as the clove-and-ginger massages that accompany the latter.


When it comes to the time to rest after all that kneading and scrubbing, retreat to one of the 18 suites and 42 villas scattered over the gradated terraces of the 6.9-hectare estate. Each is a haven of handwoven fabrics, soft down pillows and jungle views. The single Royal Villa is a resort unto itself with the same rooftop pond concept as the main building, this time spread over two levels of residential luxury and a 43-sq-m plunge pool. Whether staying in a one bedroom suite or a three-bedroom villa, alone or with family, the most important thing is not to miss this experience for the world.




Muladhara – the root chakra – is located at the base of the spine, anchoring you to the earth. Being well-balanced in this chakra is especially important if you travel frequently, if you’ve experienced a relocation, or if you’ve started a new chapter in your life. Balancing Muladhara calms the body and mind, creating a profound inner peace that helps free your full potential.

Twice a month in the Balinese calendar, it is a ritual to cleanse the body from negativity to bring good health. In Balinese tradition, a priest or priestess carries this out after special ceremonies using a sacred and secret mantra, by working with the root chakra to cleanse and open it to the earth.

Combining a foot wash, Balinese sacred kemenyan smoke and the soothing sound of singing bowls, this treatment features a slow, deep massage using locally grown ginger and cinnamon in a grounding blend of vetiver, patchouli and jatamansi oils. The experience induces a deep sense of stillness that will leave you feeling ready to take on the world.

120 min. EUR 260



Swadhisthana – the sacral chakra – is located in the lower abdomen. It governs fertility, sexual virility, self-worth and creativity. When it is functioning well, Swadhisthana brings enhanced emotional gratification, higher self-esteem and free-flowing creative energy. In Bali, this chakra plays a significant role during ceremonies for weddings, pregnancy and becoming a teenager. Singing mantras are used to bring balanced emotions, strength and health.

Ideal for couples to experience together, this nurturing treatment combines a deep lymphatic scrub, Vichy shower and a detoxing bath, accompanied by an elixir to drink. This cleansing is followed by a flowing massage and chakra warming using nourishing oils of jasmine, patchouli, rose and sandalwood. The treatment concludes with the “breath of peace” meditation, featuring cempaka flowers. Happiness is renewed and the desire for life and love is reinvigorated.

120 min. EUR 260
  EUR 460 per couple



Manipura – the navel chakra – is located in the solar plexus and is our centre of health and beauty, governing our capacity to grow and develop. It is important to keep in balance if you desire more inner strength, sense of purpose and self-confidence. In the everyday life of the Balinese, offerings are made in prayer to the gods at least twice a day to help provide self-worth, guidance, protection and strength.

This elevating treatment floods the body with vital energy and inner warmth. The experience begins with an energizing and detoxifying foot and body scrub with freshly grated local ginger and local lemongrass, known for its warming and energizing properties. A bio-energy mud wrap is followed by a lemongrass and basil bath accompanied by a refreshing and warming ginger and lemongrass elixir. A massage with vital energy oil restores inner radiance and positive feelings, brings renewed strength and health, and leaves the skin brilliantly lustrous.

120 min. EUR 260



Anahata – the heart chakra – is located in the chest and serves as the centre of unconditional love, governing compassion, forgiveness, generosity and well-being. Balancing this chakra is important for the circulatory system, heart and thymus. Healing the heart helps free us from our limits and fears and reconnects us to the deepest peace. This chakra is very important to the Balinese, who believe that an open heart helps clear negativity and allows only love and compassion to be given and received.

To begin this treatment, rose damascena – the most precious and tender oil for the heart – is used in a warmed poppy and rose scrub. This is followed by a rose and tuberose flower bath while you are served a delicious and soothing rose elixir. A heart-shaped basti is placed on your chest and filled with warmed rose oil and a few drops of healing calendula oil, locally made from the sacred marigold. The oil is then used in a blissful massage, incorporating a rose quartz crystal to reconnect the body and mind to inner peace and stillness. Equilibrium is restored, leaving you feeling at one with yourself and those around you.

2 hours
30 min.
EUR 310
  EUR 520 per couple



Vishuddha – the throat chakra – is located in the centre of the throat. It governs the space element, communication and self-expression, and is linked to creativity and sleep. A strong throat chakra embodies clear thinking, focus, inspiration and vibrant creative energy. Its function is to clear the mind of negative thoughts and feelings. The Balinese traditionally bring balance to the throat chakra by singing mantras and using musical instruments to create vibrational energy. In Balinese culture, this chakra is stimulated at the end of every ceremony by drinking blessed waters.

In this subtle treatment, your therapist guides you in yoga and breathing exercises, accompanied by healing chants and sounds, and smoke from a smudge stick is used to purify and cleanse the body. A kundalini back massage awakens the spiritual centres. This is followed by a specialized marma-point facial massage to balance the 16 petals of the Vishuddha chakra. The head massage and pouring of warm oil help to elevate consciousness, bringing more energy and awareness. A hair mask, rich in minerals and using warmed towels, provides energizing negative ions and brings universal light into the crown. During the hair mask, enjoy a foot massage and toe massage. The session concludes with Nada Yoga chanting meditation. This treatment reconnects the mind to a positive state and encourages a deep and restful sleep while bringing a renewed and vibrant energy to body and life.

120 min. EUR 260



Ajna – the third-eye chakra – is located in the centre of the forehead and is known as our soul centre. Its importance is linked to the pituitary gland. When balanced, this chakra has a harmonizing effect on our emotional behaviour. Balance here inspires us to reconnect to our inner beauty, stillness and peace of mind. The Balinese believe that the best way to unblock and balance Ajna is through meditation.

This treatment uses various balancing methods personalized to you, including Kriya yoga, meditations, breathing techniques, and applications of the essential oils of sandalwood and jasmine. Each chakra is blessed using a flow of warm oil, including a local herb, duan piduh, known for its spiritual and healing qualities. Specific marma and light massage techniques help to reconnect to your inner light and joy, releasing exhaustion and emotional stress. The facial is enhanced by the use of Himalayan poultices on the two petals of Ajna. The session concludes with a revitalizing, immune-boosting wellness drink. The mind feels light, peaceful, clear and knowing.

120 min. EUR 260



Sahasrara – the crown chakra – is located at the top of the head. Symbolized by a lotus flower with one thousand petals, it is the chakra of pure consciousness. It represents liberation, inner wisdom and – as the point of entry for celestial energy – is our connection to the universe. The top three chakras on the body – Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara – are all considered the spiritual chakras, focusing on self-awareness, peace and enlightenment. In Balinese culture, the head is sacred and mustn’t be touched without invitation, because it is believed to be the link to divine love.

The Sahasrara treatment begins with a kundalini foot scrub and back massage using orange blossom and jasmine oil, attracting universal light. The crown of the head is anointed with a special oil and then the head is massaged and treated with a hair mask. This enlightening and unifying treatment rejuvenates the nervous system through a sequence of massages that channel energy from the heart of the earth to the higher self, regenerating the life force and encouraging you to reconnect with your source.

120 min. EUR 260
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Tantric Bliss


The Balinese Tantric Bliss massage brings the divine power of Shiva (masculine) and the creative energy of Shakti (feminine) together by awakening the kundalini, a very intense and healing form of energy that rests dormant at the base of the spine. When awakened, the male and female energies within us ascend up the spine, energizing and healing, until they unite in a pure state of bliss that circulates throughout the entire body.

The treatment begins with a tantric ritual that clears the mind, relaxes the body and stimulates energy circulation through a series of deep, intense breathing exercises. The massage is performed by a pair of therapists who combine their energy to awaken the kundalini from its slumber, using gentle, sensuous and flowing movements and sacred mantras. Once it is awakened, a warm, pleasurable sensation at the base of the spine works its way up and spreads a wonderful feeling of peace and contentment throughout the body, calming the mind and allowing the spirit to soar to new heights.

120 min. EUR 460

Goddess Within


The Balinese believe that the divine energy of the powerful male gods is static and requires the creative energy of their female consorts to be fully manifested. Every woman embodies this dynamic, creative energy, and holds within her the beauty and miracle of creation. This ancient Balinese ritual for women, customarily reserved for a bride before her wedding day, is intended to awaken your inner goddess.

The treatment begins with a traditional mesiram and steam bath that cleanses both body and spirit. The fragrant water and steam are prepared using purifying betel leaves and sweet-smelling kembang rampe. The steam bath is followed by a goddess massage featuring ancient Balinese healing techniques delivered with a mixture of limestone powder, fresh kaffir lime and flower-infused oil to tighten, repair and soften the skin. The face is then cleansed with rice water and a purifying mask is applied. To complete this divine ritual, a nourishing bath of coconut milk and lemongrass is followed by a body scenting using traditional Balinese flowers.

120 min. EUR 260

Vigour and Vitality


For centuries, Balinese men have sustained their vigour and vitality by honouring their physical and spiritual connection to the earth goddess, Dewi Sri. They plant and harvest her fields, respect her whims, and use anget anget or herbal medicines to strengthen and boost their energy. This specialty treatment features traditional Balinese herbs, roots and spices that are well known for their potency and healing properties, strengthening and fortifying a man’s physical energy and mental fitness.

The treatment begins with an internally cleansing tonic of wild ginger root, followed by an herbal steam bath. An invigorating and warming body scrub of clove, black pepper and cardamom stimulates blood circulation and uplifts the spirit, while preparing the body for the Putra Perkasa massage. This powerful massage features traditional Balinese stretching techniques that work together to deeply soothe and relieve strained muscles and joint pain, as well as to boost circulation and energy. A Pasek Bumi body wrap, warm herbal bath and vitality tonic round out this positively energizing treatment.

120 min. EUR 260

Toning Recovery


Among Balinese women, stomach binding and weteng massage have been used for centuries for after-birth care to prevent herniation, reposition the womb, increase weight loss, and tighten the waistline. Traditionally, this treatment is carried out by an experienced midwife for 42 consecutive days after a woman gives birth, but you don’t need to be a new mother to benefit from this highly coveted Balinese secret to a tight and toned figure.

The treatment features a pelvic massage using a herbal paste and a hot stone compress that speed up the breakdown of stubborn fats and toxins, and assist in flattening the abdomen. The abdominal binding is traditionally worn for at least eight hours each day. Leave yours on as long as possible in order to see maximum results. An herbal jamu tonic is served after the treatment to aid the results.

2 hours
30 min.
EUR 260 - 520
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Chakra Dhara

Bringing together the expertise of two therapists, this treatment rebalances the body’s chakras. The session begins with dripping herbal oil on the four main chakras along the body’s middle meridian, corresponding internally to the central nervous system. Your two therapists harmoniously massage the back, scalp, hands and feet to clear toxic blockages, after which the flow of warmed herbal oil heals gently yet effectively. A state of pure and simple clarity is achieved. 2 hours
30 min.
EUR 280

Suci Dhara

Suci translates as awakening the body, heart and soul. This revitalization starts internally with an herbal tea brewed according to your body type. While natural components soothe from the inside, the therapist begins to relax your body, starting at your head, massaging the scalp with a blend of star anise, patchouli, fenugreek and coconut oil to improve circulation, release tensions and deeply nourish the hair. Then a meditative body massage with warm herbal oil aids in detoxification and relaxation, enhanced by a final steam and a cup of tea. 120 min. EUR 170

Usada Sayan

This healing experience begins with a garden compress – a poultice filled with local herbs – to warm and stimulate the muscles for relaxation. Following is a warm herbal oil massage with nurturing kneading motions. This is preparation for the cleansing Udvartana scrub. With the body at peace, enjoy Shirodhara, in which warm oil is poured onto the third-eye chakra to massage the mind. Linger in a warm herbal flower bath with a cup of Balinese loloh, an organic elixir, to conclude this truly balancing, Indian-inspired experience. 3 hours EUR 260

Usada Unwind

This treatment experience starts with a marma-point head massage to release tension and clear away busy thoughts. A full-body Abhyanga-style massage follows, in which warm herbal oil is poured over the skin. These techniques are known to help relieve stress and improve mental clarity, stamina and sleep. The treatment concludes with an anti-ageing and hydrating facial that uses Bali’s naturally anti-ageing neem oil to help reduce redness and soothe even the most sensitive skin. 3 hours EUR 260


An herbal scrub made from sandalwood and local spices gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it soft and velvety while fulfilling the Sanskrit meaning of Udvartana: “to elevate” the mind by energizing the body. A warm oil massage and an herbal flower bath add even more pleasure to this invigorating experience. 120 min. EUR 140

Tiger Grass Cooler

The botanical benefits of gotu kola – also known as tiger grass – include hydrating, toning and cooling the skin, and this organic ingredient is incorporated into every product used in our treatment. A thorough scrub using a gotu kola and walnut body polish is followed by a warm oil massage featuring long, looping strokes known to rebalance the internal constitution. A unique skin-firming and moisturizing body mask leads to a relaxing frangipani and pandanus bath. A body lotion containing kukui nut ends this rejuvenation on a cool and calming note. 2 hours
30 min.
EUR 220
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    


Traditional Balinese massage, a skill passed down through generations, features long strokes, gentle skin rolling, deep kneads and foot reflexology. Our Balinese therapists share this restorative tradition using our own herbal coconut oil blended with warm spices and essential oils of basil, vetiver and patchouli. 75 - 90 min. EUR 100 - 120


Experience the deeply restorative benefits of two therapists working in synchronized flow. Four hands in seamless coordination massage the body, effectively relieving tension by using a blend of massage techniques from East and West. 75 - 90 min. EUR 170 - 210

Warm River Stone

Smoothed by centuries of rushing water in the sacred Ayung River, steam-heated river stones of varying sizes are carefully applied to the energy centres of the body, then gently glided along tired muscles in long, rhythmic strokes with the use of aromatic oils. As the warmth penetrates deeply, the alternate application of cold stones simultaneously stimulates and energizes, further enhancing the sense of relaxation and calmness as it rebalances body and mind. 90 min. EUR 130

Garden Compress

To relieve muscle aches and joint pains, Balinese villagers go to their gardens to gather specific herbs and spices, which they bundle and warm to create a healing compress. From our Sayan neighbours, we have learned to blend medicinal organics such as chamomile, ginger, cloves, star anise, nutmeg and cardamom, which we then wrap in cloth, following the ayurvedic tradition. Our therapists start with a warm herbal oil massage to release tension from throughout the body, then integrate warm, aromatic compresses to the areas of tension. To finish, we invite you to dip into a warm herbal flower bath for pure pleasure. 120 min. EUR 170

Warm Herbal Oil

This gentle massage lavishes warm Ayurvedic oil all over the body. Those who prefer a light touch will appreciate this massage, while those who favour a strong approach will be pleasantly surprised. 75 – 90 min. EUR 100 - 120

Deep Knead

This treatment brings deep concentration to specific areas of tension by warming the muscles with Balinese massage, then applying pressure-point techniques using the therapist's forearms and elbows, and ending with Balinese foot reflexology. We recommend that you warm your muscles in the steam room and sauna prior to this massage. 75 - 90 min. EUR 100 - 120


Savour this aromatic massage, scented with a signature blend of essential oils. The massage features medium-pressure rhythmic movements and pressure-point techniques to bring an overall feeling of well-being and relaxation. 75 - 90 min. EUR 100 - 120

Urban antidote

This targeted treatment combines Indian-style head, neck and shoulder massage with reflexology for the feet and hands. Firm pressure eases muscle tension to improve blood flow, returning the body to a healthier equilibrium and erasing the related stresses of fast-paced city lives. 75 - 90 min. EUR 100 - 120
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Gotu Kola and Oat Body Wrap

The botanical benefits of gotu kola – also known as tiger grass – include hydrating and toning the skin. Relax during this skin-firming body mask while a head massage enhances the experience. The treatment concludes with a luxurious body lotion that is massaged into the skin to add to this all-over moisturizing treatment. 90 min. EUR 120

Neem and Herb Body Wrap

Earthy aromas emanate from this deeply cleansing concoction of green tea, dried flowers and local medicinal herbs, including neem. While this organic garden mask nourishes and tones the skin, our therapist attends to emotional stress, aches and pains with a marma-point head, neck and shoulder massage that releases stress from head to toe. 90 min. EUR 120

Beras Kencur Body Wrap

Following the Balinese tradition, we grind white rice flour and freshly crushed wild ginger, known as kencur, into a warming paste and apply it to the whole body. While this homemade organic blend eases tension throughout the body, you enjoy a head and face massage to unburden the mind and replace fine lines with visible serenity. 90 min. EUR 120

Mountain Earth Body Wrap

Volcanic earth minerals naturally nourish the skin. Sourced from the surrounding mountains and blended with ylang-ylang flower water, this indigenous body mask replenishes the skin with organic hydration. A banana leaf wrap enhances the feeling of being one with the Balinese landscape. Finish with a warming shower and Four Seasons flower lotion. 90 min. EUR 120

Lulur Sayan

Originally a beauty secret of Javanese royalty that was carried across the Java Sea by the Balinese, lulur is a luxurious body scrub. The treatment begins with a gentle, aromatic exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. Skin-nurturing yogurt soothes your freshly buffed body before you dip into a hydrating bath sprinkled with local fragrant flowers and enjoy a therapeutic cup of loloh, a Balinese herbal elixir. This is followed by a traditional Balinese massage and the application of body lotion. 120 min. EUR 170
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Gotu Kola and Walnut

An antioxidant found mainly in Asia and Africa, the gotu kola plant is considered a spiritual herb in ayurvedic traditions, used to calm nerves and enhance meditation. For this treatment, its leaves are blended with crushed walnuts and rose hip-seed oil. The blend is then lavished on the skin to encourage healthy cell regeneration and provide a fresh glow. 90 min. EUR 120


Ideal for sensitive skin, the neem plant has been known in India for thousands of years as the village pharmacy for its multiple health and medicinal benefits. In this gentle exfoliating treatment, neem is finely ground with date seeds, jojoba spheres and pumpkin enzymes. This gentle exfoliation removes dead cells and reveal fresh, glowing skin. We add a light coating of antioxidant-rich neem and blood orange body lotion to protect newly nourished skin. 90 min. EUR 120

Red ginger

Balinese turn to red ginger to alleviate muscle stiffness and the effects of cold or flu. Mixed with organic red rice, this gentle body polish can even be applied to sensitive or sun-damaged skin to remove dead layers and nurture fresh, new skin. After a warming ginger almond body splash, Four Seasons spice lotion is used to moisten and tone the skin. 90 min. EUR 120

Rice and spice

A tradition of applying herbs to warm the body during the rainy season is a Bali tradition used by farmers for generations. Naturally astringent temu lawak roots are crushed with cloves, turmeric, fenugreek and ginger to remove dead skin while warming the body and the muscles, increasing blood circulation. After a cooling gayung shower with rice and spice wine, also a local tradition, a back massage with aloe vera and ginger lotion adds indulgence to this age-old nurturing regime. 90 min. EUR 120
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Marine Algae

This holistic, deep-cleansing facial features a new technique called nerve-point therapy, designed to help calm the nervous system by smoothing out the nerves and releasing facial tension and stress. We use a special blend of active ingredients from the sea: sea lettuce, plankton, sea lavender and bio-plasma seaweed. This facial helps boost and drain the lymph while purifying and cleansing the skin. The treatment is deeply hydrating, reduces puffiness and helps to even the skin tone. 75 min. EUR 120


This facial is inspired by a technique taught by shaman women, who appear to be ageless. Their skin features a beautiful luminance thanks to their understanding of the rejuvenating effects of the energy of light. This facial is a holistic experience focused on opening the third-eye and throat chakras. A marma-point massage, followed by authentic shamanic techniques, stimulates the free flow of energy, helping to remove blockages. To conclude, a mineral-rich clay mask and the application of rose and sandalwood oil reveal the skin’s natural radiance. This is a perfect treatment to combat the effects of jet lag. 75 min. EUR 120


This subtle, anti-ageing facial has many layers, rejuvenating the skin with radiant energy while calming the mind and promoting restful sleep and sweet dreams. The combination of oils – sea buckthorn, jasmine and orange blossom – has been chosen for its regenerative abilities and spiritual qualities resonant with the throat chakra. A lavender and honey mask aligns with the 16 flower petals that traditionally represent the throat chakra in Kriya yoga. For the finish, warmed Himalayan poultices purify the mind and promote relaxation. 75 min. EUR 120

Youthful Hands Enhancement

The perfect add-on for hard-working hands, this treatment begins by rejuvenating the muscles with a relaxing marma-point massage, working on essential reflexology points, before a cream mask with essential oils brings moisturized youthfulness back to the skin. 30 min. EUR 40

Windows to the Soul Enhancement

This cooling and reviving add-on eye treatment using neem extract softens the skin to help reduce puffiness and the appearance of fine dehydration lines. A marma-point massage relieves stress, providing a perfect soother for headaches and tired eyes. 15 min. EUR 20
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Nail care

Executive Hands for Men 45 min. EUR 50
Healthy Feet for Men 45 min. EUR 50
Manicure and Pedicure (at the same time) 75 min. EUR 100
Fabulous Hands 60 min. EUR 60
Beautiful Feet 75 min. EUR 70
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

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