A relaxing soak in one of the pools A relaxing soak in one of the pools
The Lobby The Lobby
The architectural style pays tribute to traditional Balinese buildings The architectural style pays tribute to traditional Balinese buildings
The private estates are beautifully illuminated at night The private estates are beautifully illuminated at night
The Spa Pavilions The Spa Pavilions
Skilled hands will gently coax tension from a guest’s body Skilled hands will gently coax tension from a guest’s body
All products and ingredients used are derived from natural sources All products and ingredients used are derived from natural sources
Under the palm trees Under the palm trees
Private Estate, bedroom Private Estate, bedroom
Private Estate, living area Private Estate, living area
Private Estate, bathroom Private Estate, bathroom
Tapis Indonesian Restaurant Tapis Indonesian Restaurant
Continental Breakfast Continental Breakfast
Cookery school Cookery school
Two-Bedroom Private Estate, exterior Two-Bedroom Private Estate, exterior
Two-Bedroom Private Estate, bedroom Two-Bedroom Private Estate, bedroom
Garden Pool Garden Pool
Traditional Balinese Sun-Umbrellas Traditional Balinese Sun-Umbrellas

Luxury Bali Spa – Kayumanis Jimbaran Private Estate *****

This Luxury Bali Spa is a very special place. Every destination has a story, and to ensure that Bali never gets distilled down to just a single, convenient anecdote, the team behind Kayurnanis created a distinct property, offering a unique point of view on what Bali has to offer, while providing uncompromising five star luxury in the form of private villa accommodations in the hidden coves of Jimbaran Bay. Every villa is its own individual entity, an observant eye will note that their architectural style pays tribute to traditional Balinese buildings, with thatched roofs covering the many sumptuous pavilions that make up this secluded holiday enclave.


In accordance with local beliefs, the exclusive Kayumanis Spa places the balance between inner and outer beauty above all, which results in a series of treatments that waste no time in getting results. That is not to say, of course, that time is not spent leisurely and in the most enjoyable of ways. A strong focus on authentic local techniques ensures that every massage, body treatment and facial has the pedigree to match the spectacular sights. When listening to the gentle lapping of waves and swaying of palm trees, things have a way of feeling just right at that very moment.


All products and ingredients used are derived from natural sources, many of them drawn from Bali's own store of miraculous compounds – in the pursuit of health and sensual enlightenment, there can be no other way. As in the Balinese tradition, expert fingers apply pressure and massage rich aromatic essential oils directly into the skin, with all therapies involving a human touch. The staff members are remarkably versatile, friendly and helpful when communicating with guests, and so respectfully reserved at other times that they almost vanish.


Kayumanis' signature Moods at a Glance treatment sounds like the title of one of Duke Ellington's fantastic compositions, and going by the sensations, may well be the spa equivalent of one. Starting with a luxurious warm footbath, the ritual continues with a flurry of palm and finger acupressure movements over the entire body. In the end, there is only complete surrender.


Returning to one's villa after the first treatment, it is a pleasure to discover that every effort has been made to ensure the absolute comfort of guests. From the refined interiors and plush furnishings, to the wealth of amenities that include fully equipped kitchens, private pools and a personal butler service available all around the clock, there is little to ask of the Kayumanis Villas that they have not already anticipated.


The Kayumanis experience is guaranteed to include a phenomenal setting to engage all of one's senses, backed up by a menu of simple yet potent spa therapies. To see Bali in any other light would be wasting an opportunity.



A nourishing mix of honey and fresh milk will refresh and soften your whole body. A sprinkle of scented rose petals into the water just before you step in adds to the overall sense of indulgence. 30 min. EUR 20


Inspired by the Balinese Hindu purifying ceremony that symbolically cleanses the spirit, this nurturing bathing ritual uses an infusion of fragrant Cananga blossoms to generate peace and harmony. Stirring the emotions and increasing feelings of sensuality, a leisure soak is recommended before embarking on a restful slumber. 30 min. EUR 20


A blend of exotic herbs and spices will help to stimulate body heat and relieve muscle tension. This replenishing bathing ritual is the ideal pick-me-up after a long flight or a day spent exploring the island. 30 min. EUR 20


A long soak in lemon scented water with slices of fresh lemon is beneficial for greasy skin, breathing problems and is believed to reduce cellulite 30 min. EUR 20
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Relaxing Massage

Inspired by the rejuvenating techniques of traditional Balinese massage, this treatment combines long strokes, skin rolling, and thumb & palm pressure. It aims to relieve tension, improve blood circulation, reduce anxiety and calm the mind. 60 min. EUR 50

Energy Massage

This firm and deep stroke massage treatment is performed using elbow pressure to restore depleted energy levels and release emotional tension. The sheer strength of this exclusive therapy helps relieve stress as well as muscular aches and pains. 60 min. EUR 50

Warm Stone Massage

The healing properties of heated natural volcanic stones help to relax tight muscles and purge negative energy. This treatment has a soothing effect on emotions that result in feelings of renewal. 75 min. EUR 70

Moods at Glance

This is a Kayumanis signature treatment that uses aromatic oils and a relaxing water flow massage technique to rebalance the body and spirit. 90 min. EUR 60

Revitalizing Massage

Indulge your body with 2 hours of head to toe pampering. This treatment covers all areas of the body and feet and finishes with gentle pressure movements on the head to restore overall well-being. 120 min. EUR 80

Smoothing Essence

A rejuvenating therapy that focuses particularly on the lower leg region, including the shins and calves, to eliminate fatigue and return a vibrant spring in every step as you set out to explore the island. 30 min. EUR 30

Pure Serenity

An intensive treatment applied to the upper part of the body concentrating on the back, neck, shoulders and arms with the aim to relieve tension and recharge declining energy levels. 30 min. EUR 30
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Celestial Dreams

An exfoliating body treatment using a combination of natural products such as sea salt and herbs to remove dead skin cells, stimulate blood circulation and nourish delicate skin. Please choose one of the following products:
  • Lulur ~ softens, refines and rejuvenates skin
  • Cinnamon ~ nourishes the skin and contains anti-aging properties
  • Sea Salt ~ improves blood circulation and softens the skin
  • Coffee ~ an aromatic product for coffee lovers
  • Fresh Coconut ~ for sensitive, sunburnt or dry skin
  • Mineral Clay ~ exfoliates, moisturizes & reduces cellulite
60 min. EUR 50

Divine Escape

This indulging ritual involves a deep cleansing body wrap using indigenous herbs, fruit and volcanic mud accompanied by a face, head and scalp massage while the concoction takes effect. A brisk shower under tepid water rinses off all ingredients and is followed by a refreshing application of moisturizer. This detoxifying treatment eliminates impurities, hydrates the skin and soothes weary muscles. Please choose one of the following products:
  • Boreh ~ stimulates body heat, relieves aching muscle and pain
  • Avocado ~ nourishes, moisturizes for radiant skin
  • Volcanic Body Mud ~ softens, improves elasticity & reduces cellulite
60 min. EUR 50

Kayumanis Massage

This signature treatment is exclusive to Kayumanis and involves a unique combination of Balinese massage, lomi lomi and therapeutic massage. It concentrates on the back of the body working from the toes up to the shoulders to improve flexibility, release soft tissue toxins and energy blockages and induce deep relaxation. 90 min. EUR 80

Four Hands Massage

The sensation of being pampered by two massage therapists moving simultaneously in perfect harmony is a popular treatment at Kayumanis Spa. This technique of mirror movements involves balanced strokes and firm hand pressure to stimulate blood circulation and bring about sublime relaxation. 90 min. EUR 100

Herbal Compress Massage

Selected indigenous herbs, which are commonly used in traditional medicine, are wrapped in a cotton compress. It is applied to the body and used to alleviate pain or inflammation by opening pores and relaxing the muscles with medicinal heat. This treatment also involves an aromatherapy foot massage and a body massage prior to the herbal compress. 90 min. EUR 80
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Refreshing Natural Facial

This reviving treatment focuses on the use of pure and natural ingredients known for their nourishing properties such as lemon, honey and fresh cucumber. A candle nut peel will eliminate impurities, while ripe avocado flesh penetrates the skin for a deep moisturizing effect. 60 min. EUR 50

Traditional Facial

This traditional facial combines fresh from the garden ingredients with seaweed and anti-aging Biokos products manufactured by Martha Tilaar, a company that celebrates Indonesia’s natural healing and beauty heritage. 60 min. EUR 50

Hair Care Treatment

This is a gentle hair and scalp treatment in which a rich cream is applied to the hair in sections. Choices of natural ingredients are used to treat different hair conditions. A stress relieving head and neck massage is also performed to stimulate the scalp and soothe shoulder muscles.Please choose one of the following products:
  • Avocado ~ nourishes dry hair
  • Aloe Vera ~ enriches all hair types
  • Almond Oil ~ for soft and shiny hair
60 min. EUR 50

Nail Care

Nail care is the ultimate treat as it boosts your confidence and makes you feel positive about your appearance. This treatment softens the skin, stimulates nails growth and is an essential part of personal grooming.    
Manicure 60 min. EUR 40
Pedicure 60 min. EUR 40
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Relaxing Ritual


Experience the pleasure of overall indulgence with a nurturing treatment that pays attention to every part of the body. The ritual involves a therapeutic massage to optimize energy levels, while a body scrub will revive tired skin and stimulate circulation. A long soak in a bath ritual of your choice will excite the senses.

> Aromatherapy Foot Bath > Relaxing or Energy Massage > Body Scrub > Bath Ritual

120 min. EUR 100

Kayumanis Karma


An enlivening treatment created to balance the body, mind and spirit. Feel your stress and tension melt away under the deep heat of natural volcanic stones applied to strategic energy points of the body. This is followed by a nourishing Kayumanis Facial of your choice.

> Aromatherapy Foot Bath > Warm Stone Massage > Kayumanis Facial

120 min. EUR 100

Exclusive Revival


This masculine ritual encourages men to take some quality time out for self indulgence away from the pressures of the business world. All traces of executive stress quickly fade away with an Energy Massage to restore vitality and drive. A reviving facial restores youthful looks, while a pedicure attends to one of the most neglected areas of the male anatomy.

> Aromatherapy Foot Bath > Energy Massage > Traditional Facial > Soothing Essence > Pedicure

3 hours EUR 140

Sweet Serenade


This pampering ritual for ladies takes a feminine approach towards health and beauty by eliminating cellulite with a mineral clay body scrub. Phase two of the treatment is a 20 minute volcanic mud body mask to draw out any impurities. It is followed by a choice of Relaxing or Energy Massage therapies for a calming effect on the body and mind. This head to toe indulgence concludes with a choice of Kayumanis Facial to enrich the skin.

> Aromatherapy Foot Bath > Mineral Clay Body Scrub > Mud Wrap > Relaxing or Energy Massage > Kayumanis Facial

3 hours EUR 140

Kayumanis Journey


A replenishing body and beauty ritual uses ingredients to restore depleted energy levels and leave the skin with a healthy glow. The journey begins with an aromatherapy foot bath and continued with a natural body scrub with a warming mixture of cinnamon, fresh grated of ginger, and a dash of arak. Next is a body wrap with a choice of bengkoang for whitening and cooling effect or ripe of avocado to nourish of dry skin followed by a leisure blend of warm oil to relieve muscle tension and create a feeling of deep relaxation. The pampering comes to an end with a nurturing face and head massage. A charming light healthy meals is served to seal the journey.

> Aromatherapy foot bath > cinnamon body scrub > body wrap > full body massage

3 hours EUR 150
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Ocean Ritual


This rejuvenating ritual draws inspiration from the precious bounty of the sea to reduce cellulite and banish tiredness. First the feet are gently scrubbed with a mixture of pure white sand and sea breeze oil and rinsed in flower infused water. Take pleasure in a relaxing or energy massage followed by a seaweed body scrub that works wonders on all skin types. The ritual comes to an end with a leisurely soak in a rose petal bath infused with patchouli essential oil to clear the mind.

> Aromatherapy Sea Water & White Sand Foot Bath > Choice of Relaxing or Energy Massage > Seaweed Body Scrub > Rose Petal Bath

2 hours EUR 130

Chocolate Indulgence


This lavish three hour treatment was inspired by the delicious taste and therapeutic benefits of chocolate. It detoxifies the skin from harmful impurities, greatly enhances natural elasticity and thoroughly moisturizes for a radiant glow.

> Aromatherapy Foot Bath > Balancing Massage > Chocolate Body Scrub > Rich Chocolate Body Wrap > Kayumanis Facial > Hot Chocolate Bath > a delicious Hot Chocolate Beverage

3 hours EUR 170
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    
Six-hour indulgence including:
  • 2-hour spa treatment of Relaxing Ritual
  • A set menu of healthy cuisine
  • Complimentary transportation service within Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, and Kuta areas
  • Day use in the one-bedroom private pool estate and enjoy the following benefits:
    - Complimentary private bar (beer, juice, soft drinks and mineral water)
    - Complimentary homemade cookies
    - Unlimited broadband internet access
6 hours EUR 320 per couple
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

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