Quiet pool for adults Quiet pool for adults
The veranda The veranda
Couple on Mughal Swing Couple on Mughal Swing
Family pool Family pool
Couple practicing yoga Couple practicing yoga
Indian spices that are routinely used in spas throughout Malaysia Indian spices that are routinely used in spas throughout Malaysia
Skilful hands soothe away tension with the assistance of fragrant essential oils Skilful hands soothe away tension with the assistance of fragrant essential oils
A woman relaxing after a spa treatment A woman relaxing after a spa treatment
Lower Melaleuca Pavilion Lower Melaleuca Pavilion
Upper Melaleuca Pavilion Upper Melaleuca Pavilion
Upper Melaleuca Pavilion Bedroom Upper Melaleuca Pavilion Bedroom
Upper Melaleuca Pavilion Bathroom Upper Melaleuca Pavilion Bathroom
Lower Melaleuca Pavilion with partial sea view Lower Melaleuca Pavilion with partial sea view
Upper Melaleuca Pavilion with Partial Sea View Upper Melaleuca Pavilion with Partial Sea View
Ikan-Ikan serves Malay specialties and seafood dishes caught fresh in the Andaman, just steps away Ikan-Ikan serves Malay specialties and seafood dishes caught fresh in the Andaman, just steps away
Serai, which means “lemongrass” in Malay, celebrates the sun-drenched flavours of Italy Serai, which means “lemongrass” in Malay, celebrates the sun-drenched flavours of Italy
Beach Dining Beach Dining
Kelapa Grill serves western food from sizzling steaks to creative, wood-fired pizzas Kelapa Grill serves western food from sizzling steaks to creative, wood-fired pizzas
The Rhu Bar The Rhu Bar
Beach Villa exterior Beach Villa exterior
Beach Villa interior Beach Villa interior
Beach Villa study Beach Villa study
Beach Villa bathroom Beach Villa bathroom
Secluded beach picnic Secluded beach picnic
Guests kayaking Guests kayaking
Local wildlife Local wildlife
Local fisherman Local fisherman

Luxury Spa Malaysia – Four Seasons Resort Langkawi *****

At our Luxury Spa Malaysia rest and rehabilitation are taken very seriously – the weekends begin on Friday, exactly when much of the working world wishes it could be on a beautiful beach overlooking the Andaman Sea. The Four Seasons Resort Langkawi embodies that feeling of escape with more than a mile of incredible beaches and world-class spa facilities nestled in tropical greenery.


Built to the same high standards as the rest of the 90-room resort, the spa forgoes having any single dominant style for an inspiringly original scheme that melds local Malay forms with elements of Mughal and Moorish architecture. The result is a collection of serene spa pavilions that resonates with ancient Eastern knowledge but also contains all the luxury amenities of the modern age. Constructed from carved local wood and perched over a reflecting pond, the six private buildings form a very picturesque scene set against 19 hectares of lush gardens and sheer limestone cliffs.


Each spa pavilion is luxuriously spacious and allows couples to enjoy their time together thoroughly with such extravagant indoor facilities as celadon soaking tubs, as well as outdoor gardens outfitted with rainshowers and lounge areas. Completely separate from one another, the pavilions are the ultimate in private indulgence where guests can savour a moment of true peace.


The extensive treatment menu of the spa focuses on the unique traditions of the region, leaving its team of expert practitioners to hone their craft instead of accommodating techniques from around the world.


Some of the novel therapies include the Putra Laksamana for men, which involves a herbal foot soak, an exfoliating scrub with ginger and kaffir lime and a spicy massage with cloves, nutmeg and other traditional ingredients, and the Seri Pesona for women, which starts with an invigorating coconut oil scalp massage, and then continues with hydrating hair treatments, a Malay-style-body massage, herbal steaming, a floral bath and ends with a warm cup of jamu elixir. Others, like the Bulan Madu, are geared for couples, but also employ techniques that reap the benefits of the local botany, such as cinnamon body brushing and boreh spice wraps.


As an alternative to the standalone spa, the 20 Beach Villas, the two-bedroom villa and the Royal Villa have private treatment rooms built in as a key part of the accommodation, each one large enough for two. There, guests may choose to have any one of the four signature Asian treatments performed as an exclusive in-room spa service. Even without these extras, these beachfront villas already boast views that would make anyone out there jealous on a weekday afternoon.


Urut Melayu

Handed down from generation to generation, the traditional local Malay urut massage is a thorough, effective, medium- to firm-pressure treatment. Let herbal oils, long and smooth strokes, kneading and palm pressure gently lull you. 60 -
90 min.
EUR 100 - 140

Asian Fusion

This skillful combination of the best Asia has to offer aids in relieving tension, aches and pains. Techniques from Thailand, Malaysia, China and India are used – from pressure point massage to long, firm strokes and stretching. The combination of soothing aromatic oils and gentle kneading and stretching leave the body feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. 60 -
90 min.
EUR 100 - 140

Indian Herbal Oil

This gentle restorative massage uses warmed herbal oils and massage techniques originating in India to balance the nervous system and restore vital energy flow. 60 -
90 min.
EUR 100 - 140

Traditional Thai

An ancient massage, popular in Thai culture for centuries, in which pressure point work and stretching techniques are combined. Strong pressure is traditionally used, but can be adjusted to your preference. Thai massage stimulates energy flow and eases tension and stress, leaving you with a feeling of energy and peace. Guests wear a locally made two-piece garment of soft cotton for this oil-free treatment. 60 -
90 min.
EUR 100 - 140


In this traditional ayurvedic massage, the therapist applies dosha-specific oils, using rhythmic strokes and marma point work, to deeply nourish tissues and joints. The whole body is balanced and harmonised. 60 min. EUR 100


This is a dual massage, performed on one guest by two therapists working together in harmony. The combined healing powers of aromatherapy and touch create the ultimate massage experience and sensory indulgence. Everyone should have this at least once. 60 -
90 min.
EUR 160 - 230

Foot reflexlogy

A specialised pressure point foot massage, reflexology relieves stress and tension and improves blood circulation in the whole body. A herbal foot soak and pressure point scalp massage begin the experience. Next, a soothing, cooling spearmint and arnica lotion is used to treat the feet. They are left feeling light and flexible. 60 min. EUR 100

Sodashi Aroma

This massage uses smooth, stroking movements to encourage lymphatic circulation and to balance the body's energy meridians. Natural plant oils and essences will nourish your skin and help to relieve tension. 60 -
90 min.
EUR 100 - 140

Taksu kasih

This magical massage adapted from ancient Polynesian bodywork techniques is an all-embracing holistic approach to healing that is deeply inspiring and transforming. With constant rhythmic motion harmonised to melodious Asian music, your therapist uses long, flowing strokes to reawaken and nurture your body. Energetic and vibrant yet deeply relaxing, taksu kasih communicates love, serenity, balance and understanding. 90 min. EUR 170


Pre-natal massage is customised for the comfort, safety and special needs of pregnant women, to relieve stress caused by the physical, psychological, spiritual and social changes of pregnancy. Benefits include relief from leg, hip and back pain, reduced swelling, emotional support and nurturing touch.Please note: The pre-natal massage can be performed only in the second and third trimesters. 90 min. EUR 170
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    


This ultimate facial indulgence begins with a warm, infusing mask to maximise the penetration of nutrients. Then the facial is tailored to your skin's needs – purifying, deep cleansing and leaving your skin nourished, hydrated and toned. Restoring forgotten elasticity and radiance, this intensive boost is more than just a facial: it’s nature’s facelift. 90 min. EUR 140

Tropical Crystal

Warmed crystals of jasper, snowflake obsidian, green jade and lapis lazuli are gently placed on the face. Their warmth deeply relaxes facial muscles and increases lymphatic circulation, and together with Sodashi’s plant essences they draw out impurities and toxins to restore a radiant, healthy complexion. A divine facial experience that benefits all skin types. 90 min. EUR 140

Marine Mineral

Prepare to take your skin on a journey of total renewal. Relax as you enjoy warm, pampering facial compresses and a marine mineral and algae mask to purify and hydrate the skin. The luxurious aromas of Sodashi plant essences will leave your skin revitalised and nourished. 60 min. EUR 100

Man maintenance

Begin with a lemongrass, coconut and salt back scrub to ease stress and reduce tension. Continue with a deep cleansing, exfoliating facial that balances the skin's natural oils and assists in preventing ingrown hairs. Soothing mists with woody aromas de-sensitise your skin, and a relaxing facial massage tones and firms the muscles, leaving you looking and feeling fresh and revitalised. 60 min. EUR 100

Neem Healing

This treatment combines healing techniques from East and West to create a facial that is modern ayurveda at its best, using the therapeutic benefits of neem, commonly known as "the pharmacy tree." This soothing and nourishing facial, complemented by an intensive eye treatment, enhances your natural beauty and well-being while bringing peace and balance to your senses and spirit. 75 min. EUR 130
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Sundar Nirvana

Following an abhyanga massage, your skin is polished and masked with exotic herbs, oils and pure plant extracts. The marma points of the head are massaged before you relax in a private steam shower. In a nurturing finale, firming and soothing gotu kola and kukui are used, leaving your skin glowing and your entire being in a state of bliss. 3 hours EUR 260

Himalayan Mysteries

Find your centre in this healing journey that uses herbs and techniques from the world's highest peaks. Your spirit will soar and tension and stress will fade away, with an ayurvedic abhyanga massage, marma point head massage and shirodhara. 2 hours
30 min.
EUR 230

Sundari Sundari

This is a luxurious, beautiful journey of self-renewal for your body, face and spirit. First, a hydrating hair treatment uses neem and gotu kola. Next, a milk and honey bath indulges the senses and softens the skin. Then, a Sundari facial restores the lustrous glow of your complexion with dosha-specific oils, herbs and ayurvedic massage techniques. Finally, celebrate your renewed glow and vitality with our “gorgeous geisha” tea. 2 hours
30 min.
EUR 230
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Sea Secrets

Begin this deeply purifying mineral therapy by relaxing in your own private steam room. An aromatic body scrub of fine pumice and volcanic clay follows, to soften and polish the skin. Then a detoxifying, contouring body mask of green clay, active marine minerals, algae and selected plant essences is applied, and you are cocooned in a comforting wrap. Afterwards, a specialised gel and moisturiser targets cellulite. Finally, a marine mineral facial balances, remineralises and deeply hydrates the skin. You emerge refreshed and renewed. 3 hours EUR 240

Lush Moments

This tropical indulgence begins with a nourishing bath with essences of cardamom, lime and petitgrain. To follow, a body scrub containing vanilla, coconut, macadamia shell and sandalwood powder gently exfoliates and relieves tired, aching muscles. Then you are wrapped in a body mask, rich in Argiletz pink clay and herbal extracts, to firm, tone and repair the skin. While cocooned, experience a scalp massage. To conclude, enjoy a Sodashi aroma body massage. 2 hours
30 min.
EUR 230


Boost energy levels and re-energise your whole system. To begin, enjoy an invigorating body brushing. A detoxifying body mask is then applied. Its intensive drawing properties stimulate the circulatory system, relieving the body of sluggishness and congestion and helping remove unwanted toxins. Conclude your purifying with an Asian fusion massage using a special oil blended with pure essences of juniper berry, cypress, grapefruit, geranium and lemon. 120 min. EUR 190
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    


Reiki, an ancient healing art with origins in the Himalayas, works with life force energy, aiming to address the causes of disease and imbalance and restore wholeness. A truly wonderful experience on its own, it may also be enjoyed combined with any other spa treatment. 45 min. EUR 80

Visiting Master Sessions

At various times throughout the year we offer private sessions with visiting teachers, therapists, healers, health practitioners and guides from around the globe. They share their talent and gifts with guests who choose to explore the deeper realms of holistic well-being. Please enquire at Spa reception for further details.    
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Raja and Ratu Sehari


This two-day traditional wedding ritual for the king and queen for the day will bring the two of you to new heights of bliss. Your luxurious pampering begins with sublime hair and foot treatments, before a herbal body polish gives you a tropical glow. The next day, a Malay tungku hot river stone massage will lull the body as fatigue melts away. A body mask is then applied – with warming spices for him and nourishing coconut milk for her – before you experience a mandi bunga purifying floral bath ritual. Slip into an aromatic herbal bath and harmonise with nature's healing energies as you sip on a cup of traditional jamu(herbal elixir).

Day one (two hours):

  • Herbal foot treatment
  • Hydrating hair treatment
  • Herbal body polish

Day two (three hours):

  • Traditional Malay hot stone massage
  • Body mask
  • Purifying bath ritual
  • Herbal spice soak
  • Traditional herbal elixir
2 days EUR 790 per couple

Bulan Madu

Immerse in an intimate couple's experience as you discover balance and beauty together. A stimulating sintok cinnamon body brushing provides a gentle exfoliation before a botanical body buff and purifying boreh spice wrap give your skin a smooth and silky finish. An aromatic steam will refresh you before you enjoy a herbal spice bath infusion, followed by a warming and energising deep tissue massage for him and a calming and relaxing urut melayu massage for her. At the end of the ritual, experience a moment of tranquillity with a comforting cup of traditional elixir.
  • Dry body brushing
  • Warming spice wrap
  • Herbal steam and soak
  • Traditional Malay massage
  • Traditional herbal elixir
2 hours
30 min.
EUR 410 per couple

Seri Pesona – For Her

This luxurious Malay beauty tradition for women will restore natural vitality and radiance. Indulge in a luxurious scalp massage with a nourishing coconut oil blend, while warm river stones soothe the soles of your feet. A rejuvenating traditional massage eases tired muscles as the tungku pressure point treatment enhances healing and circulation. A purifying herbal tangas steam bath follows, to refresh and tone, and a revitalising mandi bunga ritual with fragrant floral essences delights the senses as it renews the spirit. Finish with a soothing sip of jamu (herbal elixir).
  • Herbal foot treatment
  • Hydrating hair treatment
  • Traditional Malay massage
  • Herbal steam and soak
  • Purifying floral bath ritual
  • Traditional herbal elixir
3 hours EUR 260

Putra Laksamana – For Him

This energising and uplifting treatment is customised for the needs of the active gentleman. A rejuvenating herbal foot treatment soothes and refreshes as a ginger and kaffir lime body scrub exfoliates and revitalises the complexion. Then surrender to a massage using an aromatic blend of ginger, cloves and nutmeg to relieve stiff muscles and calm the mind. Relaxed yet invigorated, conclude with a refreshing sip of herbal tea infusion.
  • Herbal foot soak with head massage
  • Ginger kaffir lime scrub
  • Energising massage
  • Traditional herbal elixir
2 hours
30 min.
EUR 190

Bedak Sejuk

Emerge with a radiant glow following this cooling after-sun treatment. Begin with the restorative bedak sejukskin-care treatment – a traditional body wrap that uses aloe vera and rice flour to soothe and support the skin's renewal process. While your body is cocooned, delight in a refreshing cucumber facial mask to hydrate and tone. Nourishing virgin coconut oil is then applied to replenish your skin's natural radiance.
  • Traditional rice and aloe vera body wrap
  • Cucumber facial
  • Virgin coconut oil hydrator
75 min. EUR 130

Beras Berseri

This traditional body polish made of rice and spices is a skin-softening elixir that will exfoliate and deeply cleanse oily skin. The treatment begins with a rice and tamarind body polish and gentle exfoliation to leave the skin supple and silky smooth. A warm rice flour and milk steam wrap follows, in preparation for a traditional urut melayumassage with a blend of virgin coconut oil. Soothed and glowing, you will conclude your spa journey with a glass of freshly blended health elixir.
  • Rice and tamarind body polish
  • Rice and milk steam wrap
  • Traditional Malay massage
  • Elixir of the day
2 hours
30 min.
EUR 230

Nyiur Zaman

Perfect for dry and devitalised skin, the rich natural healing properties of coconut hydrate and restore. Begin with a body polish using fragrant desiccated coconut for gentle exfoliation, to leave your complexion glowing. You will then be cocooned in a soothing warm coconut milk steam wrap, followed by a rhythmic urut melayumassage with nourishing virgin coconut oil. To conclude, float into deep relaxation as you unwind while sipping herbal tea to the sounds of nature.
  • Desiccated coconut body polish
  • Coconut milk steam wrap
  • Traditional Malay massage
  • Herbal tea
2 hours
30 min.
EUR 230
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Tranquil Reflections

Embark on a healing journey with the power of reiki as you relax with an Indian herbal oil massage to the soothing resonance of the Tibetan singing bowls. Your relaxation will deepen as you immerse in a herbal bath filled with healing neem leaves and calming salts to lift the spirit, balance the energy and soothe fatigued muscles. This treatment is available in-spa or in-villa.
  • Reiki
  • Indian herbal oil massage
  • Singing bowl vibration
  • Healing herbal and salt bath
  • Herbal tea
120 min. EUR 190

Romantic Harmony

In this ultimate romantic spa indulgence for two, delight in a neem and coconut oil aromatic hair treatment, a relaxing foot-pampering treat and a soothing aroma body massage before enjoying an intimate bath together. A sensuous soak in a fragrant milk and honey bath scented with rose petals enlivens the senses as it heals and hydrates. This treatment is available in-spa or in-villa.
  • Hydrating hair treatment
  • Foot soak and massage
  • Sodashi aroma body massage
  • Milk and honey bath with rose petals
  • Rose and vanilla tea
120 min. EUR 340 per couple

Rhu Heritage

Embrace serenity with a revitalising Malay massage and traditional warm coconut milk compress before indulging in a luxurious, aromatic coconut milk bath for softer, nourished and glowing skin. This treatment is available in-spa or in-villa.
  • Traditional Malay massage
  • Coconut milk steam wrap
  • Coconut milk bath
  • Traditional herbal elixir
120 min. EUR 190

Tutti Frutti Delight for Kids

Make bath time fun! Our fruity bubble bath menu for our younger guests features sweet fruit-scented bath gels and crystals, animal-shaped sponges, candy-coloured soaps and floats to keep kids entertained, allowing you to relax and enjoy some quiet time on your own.   EUR 60
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Sunrise Yoga

Greet the day with a series of sun salutations, which build strength and increase muscle and spinal flexibility. Focusing on awareness of mind, body and spirit, the challenging poses warm up and recharge the body. This energising class is suitable for intermediate yoga practitioners.    

Kids Yoga

Kids yoga is a fun and creative approach to yoga. Using animal poses and basic stretching exercises, the class promotes strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. Breathing and visualisation techniques teach how to focus, relax and develop self-control. Kids will improve concentration and focus, stimulate their imagination and help to release energy in a safe and fun environment. Suitable for children four years of age and older.    

Yoga with Props

This class is designed to help you stretch, strengthen, tone, balance and improve your body alignment. Long rubber yoga straps are used in innovative ways to alleviate muscle and joint strain, support the body and allow you to experience the yoga poses more profoundly and safely. All levels welcome.    

Desk Yoga

This class is perfect for those who spend long hours at their desks and are prone to upper back pain and repetitive stress injuries. Our yoga instructor will teach you a series of yoga stretches to keep you alert during the workday, release stress and make you feel better before you head home. All levels welcome.    

Ketenangan Yoga

This calming class combines breathing exercises with meditation. Breathing is life: it brings more oxygen to the blood and the brain and controls prana, or vital life energy. Meditation is the practice of constant observation of the mind. Through breathing and meditation, you will achieve a greater sense of purpose and strength of will. The class will also help you achieve a clearer mind, improve your concentration and discover the wisdom and tranquillity within you. All levels welcome.    

Body-Centering Yoga

This class presents a series of spinal exercises designed to remove chronic tension and increase flexibility. These twisting and bending exercises will help unlock the energy channel that facilitates the free flow of spiritual energy through the chakras and psychic centres of the body. Excellent for anyone with back pain, these exercises will stimulate your body and help restore balance. All levels welcome.    

Beginners Yoga

This series of gentle yoga postures brings peace to the mind and awareness to the breath. Our yoga instructor will introduce basic yoga poses along with breathing techniques. This slow-paced class is designed for increasing coordination, strength and flexibility. Learn to listen to your body through yoga, while gaining balance, strength and flexibility. Ideal for anyone with a stiff body or who is new to yoga.    

Asanas Yoga

Asanas are yoga postures, and our series of stimulating positions will help you gain flexibility and strength, purify your body and achieve control of the mind. This energising class is suitable for intermediate yoga practitioners.    

Sunset Yoga

Sunset yoga is the practice of restorative yoga stretches combined with breathing techniques to help increase flexibility and release stress accumulated during the day. All levels welcome.    

Aqua Yoga

This class combines the therapeutic and buoyant nature of water with the energising and harmonising effect of yoga. Aqua yoga combines slow stretching with breathing and relaxation, as the water provides resistance for the muscles to work against. No previous experience of yoga is necessary to benefit from these exercises.    

Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions can be arranged and personalised to suit all levels, from introductory exploration to advanced practice. Designed to harmonise and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul, the sessions focus on individual areas of need.    


In this foot-care rendezvous for the two of you, share some time in our peaceful salon and enjoy a complete pedicure together. To accompany the treatment, you will be served a complimentary beverage of your choice from our spa bar. If your companion is not a spa-goer, this is a great introduction. 60 min. EUR 90
per couple

Healing Hands

More than just a manicure, our healing hands treatment will bring you to a state of bliss. The treatment begins with a skin-softening soak, which is followed by a classic manicure. A natural raw sugar scrub will leave your skin glowing, and a mask infused with liquorice and grape seed oil will refresh and rejuvenate. To finish, a deeply hydrating hand massage is followed by a paraffin dip, and nail painting if you choose. This treatment is especially good for those from cold climates whose hands are prone to dryness. 75 min. EUR 60

Pampering Pedicure

An excellent treatment for feet tired from travel, our pampering pedicure will leave you walking on air. A foot soak cleanses and softens your feet to prepare for your pedicure. An uplifting foot scrub invigorates tired toes, and a deep massage helps relieve any fluid retention or swelling. A paraffin soak leaves your feet fully nourished. The treatment concludes with toenail painting if you choose. 90 min. EUR 70

Nourishing Hands and Feet

This treatment combines the ultra-nourishing healing hands treatment with our pampering pedicure to deliver the ultimate in hand and foot therapy. This luxurious treatment is a must for those who understand how important it is to have hands and feet that are happy, healthy and beautiful. 105 min. EUR 120
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Ikal Mayang

One of the Asian secrets to lustrous hair is the regular application of coconut oil. In this treatment, fenugreek, cinnamon, pandanus and ylang-ylang are added to the oil to increase blood circulation and nourish the hair and scalp. 60 min. EUR 90

Limau Nipis

This total pampering for the hair restores lustre and colour, using limau nipis, the small wild lime. Freshly crushed, the lime is applied to the hair and massaged into the scalp. This is followed by a fragrant wild lime shampoo and conditioner. 60 min. EUR 90

Hair-Dressing Services

Shampoo and blow dry 30 -
75 min.
EUR 40 -
Shampoo and style 90 min. EUR 60
Ladies' style cut and blow dry 45 -
75 min.
EUR 50 -
Men's cut (dry cut) 20 min. EUR 30
Men's shampoo and cut 20 min. EUR 40
Children's cut 20 min. EUR 30
Trim 20 min. EUR 30
Hair colour 90 -
105 min.
EUR 60 -
Highlights 90 -
120 min.
EUR 40 -
Braiding 90 -
120 min.
EUR 50 -
Bridal hairstyling 90 min. EUR 120
Bridal make-up 90 min. EUR 120
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Salon Services

Manicure 90 min. EUR 60
Pedicure 45 min. EUR 40
Manicure and pedicure 60 min. EUR 50
Eyebrow shaping 105 min. EUR 90
Under arm wax 15 min. EUR 20
Half leg wax 15 min. EUR 20
Full leg wax 30 min. EUR 40
Regular bikini wax 60 min. EUR 70
High bikini wax 20 min. EUR 30
Other waxing on request 45 min. EUR 50

Private Beach Langkawi – Malaysia’s Idyllic Haven

Private Beach Langkawi – Malaysia’s Idyllic Haven

Private Beach Langkawi takes you on a breathtaking cruise into Langkawi’s impressive wetland and lush mangrove forest, observing the island’s diverse flora and fauna from the unique perspective of the river. Discover how mangrove wood is processed into charcoal and see the spectacular time-sculptured limestone cliffs at Bad Cave, all the while  >>>

Malaysia Private Island – Langkawi Private Island Tour

Malaysia Private Island – Langkawi Private Island Tour

On our Malaysia Private Island tour you visit the Bon Ton Kampung Houses an illusive Mahsuri’s Tomb – this vengeful woman cursed Langkawi for seven generations after she was wrongfully convicted of adultery and sentenced to death. At Black Sand Beach discover whether the remains from the great battle between Garuda and  >>>

Private Island Malaysia – Langkawi Island-Hopping Tour

Private Island Malaysia – Langkawi Island-Hopping Tour

Private Island Malaysia takes you on a thrilling boat trip to some of the Langkawi archipelago’s other islands – there are 104 in total (99 during low tide) – seeing the legendary Pulau Dayang Bunting or Lake of Pregnant Maiden. Boating between tiny undeveloped islands, see eagles dipping for fish, watch crab-eating  >>>

Langkawi Holidays – Mangrove Forest + Eagle Watching in Malaysia

Langkawi Holidays – Mangrove Forest + Eagle Watching in Malaysia

Langkawi Holidays takes you on a breathtaking cruise into Langkawi’s impressive wetland and lush mangrove forest, observing the island’s diverse flora and fauna from the unique perspective of the river. Discover how mangrove wood is processed into charcoal and see the spectacular time-sculptured limestone cliffs at Bat Cave, all the while spotting  >>>

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