Quiet pool Quiet pool
Turquoise waters Turquoise waters
Pristine lagoon Pristine lagoon
Main Pool Main Pool
The all-natural ingredients used during treatments make one's spa experience both fragrant and wholesome The all-natural ingredients used during treatments make one's spa experience both fragrant and wholesome
The signature Giraavaru Sacred Water Ritual is one of the spa's must-try treatments The signature Giraavaru Sacred Water Ritual is one of the spa's must-try treatments
Devout Tantrikas perform rituals based on both Tantric and Ayurvedic principles in the garden pavilions Devout Tantrikas perform rituals based on both Tantric and Ayurvedic principles in the garden pavilions
A resident yoga guru is on hand to teach classes in the most picturesque of settings A resident yoga guru is on hand to teach classes in the most picturesque of settings
Beach Bungalow with pool Beach Bungalow with pool
Beach Bungalow with pool Beach Bungalow with pool
Sunset Water Villa Sunset Water Villa
Sunrise Water Villa with Pool Sunrise Water Villa with Pool
Sunrise Water Villa with Pool living room Sunrise Water Villa with Pool living room
Sunrise Water Villa with Pool bathroom Sunrise Water Villa with Pool bathroom
The Blu offers Italian food The Blu offers Italian food
Fuego Grill Fuego Grill
The Al Barakat serves Lebanese and Moroccan cuisine The Al Barakat serves Lebanese and Moroccan cuisine
Al Barakat beach dinner Al Barakat beach dinner
Beach Villa with Pool sand floor living room Beach Villa with Pool sand floor living room
Beach Villa with Pool bathroom Beach Villa with Pool bathroom
Sunset Water Villa with Pool Sunset Water Villa with Pool
Sunset Water Villa with Pool sundeck Sunset Water Villa with Pool sundeck
Marine Research Centre Marine Research Centre
Coral frame propagation project Coral frame propagation project
Coral reef scuba diving Coral reef scuba diving

Retreat Spa Maldives – Four Seasons Resort Landaa Giraavaru *****

Retreat Spa Maldives begins with the flight from Malé International Airport over the remote Maldivian atolls. As the seaplane heads over the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean below, it feels like the start of an adventure. Thirty minutes later, as the aircraft skims to a stop alongside Baa Atoll and makes its way to the Maldives' most pristine lagoon, the first of the resort's beachfront villas comes into view.


Comprising 102 exclusive thatched villas on the beach and over water, the premier island resort is inspired by traditional architecture from the Maldives and Sri Lanka with 45-degree pitched thatched roofs and coral walls. Beach Villas have expansive outdoor living spaces and are surrounded by ample, verdant indigenous foliage that provides maximum privacy.


One of the highlights of the resort is its Marine Research Centre, which is responsible for running a host of environmental projects. Guests are invited to enrich their vacation experience with educational insights into the breathtakingly beautiful yet fragile ecosystem of the Maldives by participating in some of the many green activities on offer.


If the main resort is sufficient reason to pack one's bags and head straight for the Maldives, then imagine the joy of discovering an entirely separate resort on the same island – a  visitor's third memorable moment. As a matter of fact, with a compound measuring a total of 1 hectare over both land and water, The Spa and Ayurvedic Retreat is closer to three spas in one.


The first area is composed of three pavilions inside a dedicated Ayurvedic retreat, a first for the Four Seasons group. The second section is a collection of three more pavilions ensconced in a tropical garden. The third is a cluster of four thatched huts built over the water on stilts. All of the 10 treatment pavilions occupy a site that cuts a spectacular swathe from the centre of the island down to the open sea.


In the serene garden pavilions, rituals are performed by devout Tantrikas, trained in both Tantric philosophy and the science of Ayurveda. In the over-water pavilions, the signature treatment Giraavaru Sacred Water Ritual, is performed – a sumptuous seven-step ritual that harks back to the days of the Maldivian queens, where bathing was an art form as well as an act of devotion.


While the garden pavilions have steam rooms as well as outdoor showers and the over-water pavilions have soaking tubs that look out over the ocean, no matter the spa pavilion, all treatments are designed to nourish the body, mind and spirit.


A resident Ayurvedic physician works in tandem with an Ayurvedic chef to prepare special meals that meet each guest's unique dietary requirements on the road to physical and spiritual rejuvenation. In the meantime, experienced therapists work magic in the three pavilions with herbal baths, mud treatments, steam benches and the many fragrant oils of the healing discipline. Longer treatment packages may last from seven to 28 days, for those seeking more intensive changes in their physical and spiritual states. For example, the Panchakarma Detox Package takes a minimum of two weeks, and involves a special diet, yoga lessons with the resident guru and various cleansing procedures. The programme helps to promote better health and re-establish essential balance.


Other facilities at the spa include a floating yoga pavilion, a herb garden that supplies fresh produce, a juice bar, a beauty salon and a spa shop full of supplies to help one relax. It's hard to leave at the end of it all, but with that feeling comes a vow to someday return: the last and possibly most inspiring moment to remember.


Abhyanga Massage

Ayurveda recommends a massage with warm herbal oils as a part of daily life. In Abhyanga – “to anoint” – specific oils are chosen for the head and body, according to skin type. Two therapists perform the massage simultaneously, then a soothing steam follows, helping the skin absorb the herbal oils. 75 min. EUR 170

Udvartana Massage

Udvartana means “to elevate” or “to promote.” The name is said to be derived from the upward strokes used in the massage. The treatment is performed by two therapists simultaneously applying specially selected herbal powders to the skin. This gentle exfoliating body scrub is followed by a soothing body massage and a comforting steam. 75 min. EUR 170


This unique ayurvedic treatment is always done in conjunction with a body massage. After the massage, warm herbal oil is gently and steadily poured on the forehead. The pouring of oil is accompanied by a tender scalp massage. Shirodhara is performed in absolute silence. 120 min. EUR 280


For Elakkizhi – “a poultice of leaves” – various medicinal leaves, herbal powders and spices are cooked in herbal oils and packed in bundles. Treatment begins with a body massage using herbal oils appropriate for your individual skin type. The bundles are then heated and applied to the skin by two therapists working in perfect coordination. 120 min. EUR 280


Navarakkizhi means “a poultice of rice.” Navara rice has long been used in ayurvedic therapies for its nutritional significance. It is first cooked in milk and an herbal decoction. The cooked rice is then gathered into balls and tied up in linen bags. Treatment begins with a body massage using herbal oils appropriate for your individual skin type. Next, the warm rice poultices are applied to the skin by two therapists. 120 min. EUR 280


In Sarvangadhara, lukewarm medicated oil is poured continually and uniformly over the body during a massage. This luxurious oil bath helps increase circulation, relaxes and lubricates the joints and nourishes muscles and nerves. In addition, the oil rejuvenates and tones the skin, restoring elasticity and lustre, making Sarvangadhara an integral part of post-natal and anti-ageing ayurvedic programmes. 120 min. EUR 280

Nasya Addition

Nasya is used to clear the airways by introducing small amounts of medicated oil into the nostrils. Ideal for conditions such as sinusitis, migraine, headaches and chronic colds, Nasya begins with a head, neck and face massage using herbal oils to stimulate the energy channels and clear any harmful blocks. 30 min. EUR 60

Karna Pooran Addition

Karna Pooran begins with a rejuvenating head, neck and shoulder massage before the ears are filled with warm ayurvedic herbal oils. This treatment lubricates the delicate ear canal, dislodging impurities, sharpening hearing and providing relief from earaches, tinnitus and headaches. 30 min. EUR 60

Kati Vasti Addition

In this nurturing back treatment, warm medicated herbal oil is pooled on the lower back within a herbal paste boundary. Kati Vasti promotes the strength of the muscles and ligaments that support the spine, lubricating the joints and relieving lower backache and spinal conditions. 30 min. EUR 60

Tarpana Addition

This highly specialised eye treatment involves the gentle pouring of medicated and sterilised ghee (clarified butter) into open eyes. Retained by a ring of fresh dough, the oil soothes tired or sore eyes, reduces dark circles and cools the fire element located in the eyes. 30 min. EUR 60

Sushumna – strengthening of the spinal column

Sushumna comprises a focused series of herbal massages, specially prepared leaf bundles and invigorating oil baths designed to relieve back and neck pain by bringing the Vata dosha back into equilibrium. In addition, our resident yoga expert will devise a sequence of simple postures to balance and stabilise the spine, relax the mind and redirect body energy to relieve the pain. 3 - 7 days EUR 790 - 1’740

Rasayana – the rejuvenator

Ayurveda has identified seven constituent tissues – known as dhatus – that support life. With the help of the digestive fire, the dhatus form the pillars of the body, providing the means for nourishment and growth, defending the internal immune system and supporting the body and mind. Rasayana rejuvenates the body by nourishing the dhatus. This tailored sequence of therapies helps slow the ageing process, improve memory and intelligence, maximise physical endurance and sexual prowess, strengthen the sense organs and brighten the complexion. A complete rejuvenation for body and mind. 5 - 7 days EUR 1’290 - 1’740

Manoyana – journey of the mind

Stress is the uncomfortable gap between how we would like our lives to be and how we perceive them to be. Manoyana works by taking the mind on a blissful journey to address imbalances between body, mind and spirit. The programme includes head and body massages with individualised herbal oils, Shirodhara and other stress-specific therapies. In addition, our yoga expert will share meditation and breathing techniques to ensure progressive deep relaxation, postures to relax mind and body and Yoga Nidra to help slow life to a tranquil pace. 7 days EUR 1’740
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Omkaara kundalini – ritual for couples

Coiled like a sleeping serpent at the base of the spine, the kundalini gland is a powerhouse of creative energy. The centerepiece of this hypnotic ritual is the kundalini massage. Performed by a pair of male and female tantric therapists using fluid, dance-like movements and melodic strokes, this massage harnesses the Shiva (male) and Shakti (female) energies to stir the kundalini; awakened, it rises through the spine and chakra channels, releasing blocked energy and increasing awareness. 3 hours EUR 700

Devi Bhavani – ritual for women

Each woman has within her the power to create new life, along with the transformative energy of beauty, delight and creativity. Inspired by Devi Bhavani – the Divine Mother – this energy flows like soothing wind and calming water, bringing about positive, life-affirming changes. Delivered by two female tantric therapists, this ritual nourishes and replenishes female energy with mantras, sacred songs and healing sounds, and nurtures the body with a tender, revitalising massage. 2 hours
30 min.
EUR 370

Ojas and atma – ritual for men

In its purest form, male energy is both dynamic and transcendent. This duality is reflected in the ojas (vitality) and atma (spirit) ritual. Vigorous and expressive, the techniques used in this treatment require both strength and spiritual concentration on the part of the two male tantric therapists delivering the treatment. Their synchronised and balanced movements invigorate the body by increasing body heat and vitality to flush toxins out of the system. Meditative and soulful, the experience also uplifts the spirit by taking it on a contemplative journey. 2 hours
30 min.
EUR 370
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    


Muladhara – the root chakra – is located at the base of the spine. It anchors the spirit to the material world and the body to the earth. Muladhara is the root of our survival. It governs base instincts, mental stability and sensuality. It gives us the focus we need to succeed and the centering necessary to nurture ourselves and others. Balancing Muladhara calms body and mind, creating a profound inner peace that helps free our full potential. Combining a foot wash, frankincense smoke, Tibetan singing bowls and a slow, deep massage with grounding vetiver, ginger, patchouli and jatamansi oils, this treatment induces a deep sense of stillness that will leave you feeling ready to take on the world. 120 min. EUR 300


Swadhisthana – the sacral chakra – is located in the lower abdomen. It governs fertility, sexual virility, self-worth and creativity. It is also associated with emotional balance, desire and pleasure. This chakra helps us to let go and find a healthy balance in life. When it is functioning well, Swadhisthana brings enhanced emotional gratification, higher self-esteem and free-flowing creative energy. Ideal for couples to experience together, this nurturing treatment combines a deep lymphatic scrub, vichy shower, flowing massage and chakra warming with the nourishing oils of jasmine, patchouli, rose and sandalwood. Happiness is renewed and the desire for life and love is reinvigorated. 120 min. EUR 300

Manipura - chakra blessing

Manipura – the navel chakra – is located in the solar plexus. It is the centre of health and vitality and governs the capacity to grow and develop. Connected to inner strength, sense of purpose and self-confidence, Manipura means beautiful, shining jewel in Sanskrit. When it is open and balanced, we shine from within. This elevating treatment floods the body with vital energy and inner warmth. An energising and detoxifying foot and body scrub, bio-energy mud wrap and massage with vital energy oil restore inner radiance and positive feelings, renew strength and health and leave the skin brilliantly lustrous. 120 min. EUR 300


Anahata – the heart chakra – is located in the chest. It is the centre of unconditional love and governs compassion and forgiveness, generosity and well-being. Balancing this chakra is important for the circulatory system, heart and thymus. It also helps fend off disease and nurtures spiritual love and devotion. Healing the heart chakra can help free us from our limits and fears. This tender combination of foot wash, scrub, massage and heart work uses rose oil and warmed rose quartz to gently reconnect the body and mind to inner peace and stillness. Equilibrium is restored, leaving you feeling at one with yourself and those around you. 2 hours
30 min.
EUR 310


Vishuddha – the throat chakra – is located in the centre of the throat. It governs our communication and self-expression and is linked to creativity and honesty. It also encourages strong leadership. A strong throat chakra embodies the spirit of truth and intuition; when it is weak or low in energy, our thoughts become unstable and our sleep patterns are disturbed. This treatment uses yoga, healing sounds, smudge sticks and a highly specialised marma facial massage to balance Vishuddha. It enables us to acknowledge and express the truth in and around us, reconnects the mind to a positive flow and encourages a deep and restful sleep. 120 min. EUR 300


Ajna – the third-eye chakra – is located in the centre of the forehead. Responsible for physical sight and spiritual insight, it also deals with perception and intuition, imagination, concentration and peace of mind. Ajna is linked to the pituitary gland: when balanced, it has a harmonising effect on our emotional behaviour. The best way to unblock and balance Ajna is through meditation. This treatment uses yoga, breathing techniques, essential oils of sandalwood and jasmine, and specialised marma and light-technique massage to balance the higher and lower selves. The mind feels light, clear and knowing, and a sense of peace and harmony pervades the whole body. 120 min. EUR 300


Sahasrara – the crown chakra – is located at the top of the head. Symbolised by a lotus with 1,000 petals, it is the chakra of pure consciousness. Sahasrara represents liberation and inner wisdom and – as the point of entry for celestial energy – is our connection to the cosmic universe. This enlightening and unifying treatment rejuvenates the nervous system through a sequence of foot, back, head and toe massages that channel energy from the heart of the earth to the higher self. With seabuckthorn to regenerate life force and orange blossom and jasmine to attract cosmic light, this gentle yet powerful treatment leads to a state of blissful understanding. 120 min. EUR 300
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Zaanta Nidraa

Meaning "peaceful sleep" in Sanskrit, our delicate yet powerful Zaanta Nidraa ritual draws on healing sounds, marma massage and chakra healing to purify the mind and balance the throat chakra – the body’s sleep centre. Designed to improve the overall quality of sleep, this meditative sequence of chanting, purification, bathing and body therapies is complemented by mineral-rich Himalayan crystal salt and essential oils of jatamansi, vetivert, jasmine, patchouli, lavender and rose. The ritual is beautifully enhanced by the peaceful aura of the island, which helps the body to naturally synchronise with the gentle rhythms of the ocean and the solar cycle. Please see our Yoga section for a recommended Nada yoga enhancer. 3 hours EUR 350


In societies where modern services and facilities are not always close at hand, the importance of the family unit cannot be overestimated. Meaning "family" in Dhivehi (the Maldivian language), our Aailaa ritual celebrates the communal familial structure of the Maldivian people. A relaxing and bonding journey for up to four family members (two adults and two children), this ritual takes each family through a nurturing sequence of body therapies that culminates in a special celebration of togetherness. 2 hours
30 min.
EUR 710

Kuda Vela

Children have very little control over their own basic needs, yet depend on a nurturing physical and emotional environment to thrive. This gentle, one-hour treatment leads children as young as seven through an exploratory journey of holistic therapy, instilling in them a sense of peace and security, stability and belonging. Through a series of yoga postures, body painting, bathing and song, children are calmed and delightfully intrigued: the perfect "first insight" into the wonderful world of spa. Parents are invited to sign a waiver, sit and watch or enjoy a simultaneous treatment (additional fee applies) in the same suite. 60 min. EUR 100


Aimed at young adults aged 12 to 18, our Kaumara ("adolescence" in Sanskrit) rituals have been specially designed to nurture teenagers’ emotional and physical bodies at their most vulnerable stage. With rose oil to calm and support the heart and vetivert to ground the body and mind, this special sequence (scrub, bath and facial) balances from the inside out. For girls, a focus on the heart and earth chakras enables a connection to the energy centres of strength and vitality; for boys, a focus on the throat chakra connects to growth and maturation. 120 min. EUR 200
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    


Our signature massage triumphs over aches and pains. A blend of specialised traditional techniques from all over Asia, applied with medium to firm pressure, brings relief to tired muscles. Complemented by your choice of 100% pure plant oils and essences. 60 -
90 min.
EUR 140 - 180


Guests wear a two-piece massage garment of soft cotton for this oil-free massage. Based on the application of pressure along the energy lines of the body, together with the stretching of muscles, Thai massage stimulates energy flow and eases muscles, replacing tension and stress with a feeling of energy and peace. To completely experience a traditional Thai massage, a 120-minute session is recommended. 90 -
120 min.
EUR 140 - 180

Ku Nye

A Tibetan body massage that balances the five elements and restores a harmonious flow of energy and vitality. A choice of oils combines beautifully with Tibetan techniques of cupping, kneading and acupressure using hot herb poultices and stones. 90 min. EUR 180

Kundalini back

Kundalini is the powerful yet dormant energy at the base of the spine. When awakened, it travels up the spine to the "third eye," bringing increased energy and spiritual enlightenment. Using breathing techniques and gentle stroking and cupping along the body's seven chakras or energy points, this holistic massage relaxes, restores, revitalises and releases the natural energy within. 75 min. EUR 150


Manipura means beautiful, shining jewel in Sanskrit. It refers to the solar plexus (naval) chakra – our centre of fire and sun energy that ignites health and vitality. This treatment stimulates and balances the solar vitality within us through marma massage, lymphatic drainage and the application of Himalayan salt poultices. 60 -
90 min.
EUR 140 - 180

Lava shell

A completely rejuvenating experience where perfectly warmed Pacific clam shells are used to massage the body, increase blood circulation and provide deep relaxation through gentle therapeutic warmth. Combined with firm massage and advanced body work, this treatment will leave you invigorated. 90 min. EUR 180


A full-body massage for lovers of deep tissue techniques, or those who require focused body work to release muscle tension and increase joint flexibility. Various pressure techniques, applied sensitively by using thumbs, forearms and elbows, achieve maximum results. 90 -
120 min.
EUR 190 - 240


Take some well-deserved time to nurture yourself and celebrate the wonderful changes in your body. Pregnancy massage can safely, comfortably and effectively relieve the physical stress of pregnancy, stimulating circulation and reducing postural discomfort and back pain, or may simply be a period of stillness and relaxation during this special time in your life. The 90-minute session is highly recommended. 90 min. EUR 190
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    


This treatment uses damascene rose otto, jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli and wild poppy essence plus Body Balm to feed the skin and awaken the senses. 60 min. EUR 140

Energising and detoxifying

This treatment uses rose, geranium, alpine lavender, lemongrass and wild juniper plus a Vital Energy Mist of jojoba, argan and rosehip oils. 60 min. EUR 140


This treatment uses lavender, patchouli, jasmine and cardamom plus Kundalini body lotion. 60 min. EUR 140

Vichy shower

Add a Vichy shower to any scrub. Soothing, therapeutic streams of warm water from overhead shower jets stimulate and massage the body. 30 min. EUR 80

Kanya Cooling Body Wrap

To cool the body and heal the skin, this wrap combines aloe vera from our herb garden and selected ayurvedic herbs infused in milk. The body is coated in this special mixture and cocooned in banana leaves to enhance the cooling effect. A hydrating body milk and aromatic lavender mist complete the wrap. It is most beneficial for skin that has been overexposed to sun and hot weather, or for those who have had too much spicy food. 60 min. EUR 140

Bio-Energy Mud Body Wrap

An energising and detoxifying scrub is intensified by the addition of a wrap, drawing deeper toxins from the cells. Deeply revitalising the skin and lymphatic system, this wrap also promotes profound healing in the body’s energy fields. 90 min. EUR 180
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    


Ananda – meaning "divine bliss" in Sanskrit – uses marma massage and light techniques to open up the energy centres of the face. This facial works with the body's blissful higher energy to induce feelings of peace and give the skin a beautiful glow. 60 min. EUR 140


Products made from healing and restorative plant extracts direct from the Amazonian rainforest are the features of this deeply restorative facial and mask. The treatment includes two parts: deep lymphatic drainage and a warm herbal-compress massage to maximise the deep regeneration of skin cells. 90 min. EUR 180


Using the healing vibration of crystals, this experience has a calming yet uplifting effect. A garnet face scrub, rose cream and jade face mask, and a divine facial massage using warmed Himalayan crystals relax the muscles and dissolve stress lines – a deeply nourishing and sensuous experience. 90 min. EUR 180


Vishuddha – the Sanskrit name for the throat chakra – is symbolised by a lotus flower with 16 petals, each reflected on a marma point on the face. Using tulsi, jatamansi and vetivert oils combined with ancient marma massage, this subtle treatment restores beautifully glowing skin, awakens the body’s higher energy and strengthens the powerhouse of Vishuddha. Its rich, woody aromas appeal equally to men and women. 90 min. EUR 180
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    


Indian head massage, or champi, as it is known in India, has been practised for thousands of years. Champi is a common sight in India, from the banks of the Ganges to the most exclusive palaces. Warmed virgin coconut oil is infused with ayurvedic herbs that assist with circulation, nourishment of the hair and scalp, and relief of headaches and other head-related disorders. After hair cleansing, the oil is used to massage the scalp and shoulders, bringing clarity of thought and lustrous-looking hair. We recommend that you leave the oil on your hair for two hours after the treatment for maximum benefit. 60 min. EUR 90

Crème hair bath

Well known in Bali, this traditional hair treatment uses conditioning cream combined with fresh avocado or aloe vera gel to deeply hydrate and nourish the hair shaft. Combined with hand and arm massage while the head is cocooned in warm towels, this is the perfect remedy for hair exposed to the elements or chemical treatments. 60 min. EUR 90

Manicures and pedicures

Spa manicure – Indulge in our spa manicure, which uses specific hand and nail products for ultimate results. Includes exfoliation, nail and cuticle grooming, hydrating mask and nail polishing. 60 min. EUR 70
Spa pedicure – Your feet are prepared with a honey, aloe and clove soak before a sugar scrub. Then, green tea and avocado extracts soften and smooth the skin. Professional nail and cuticle grooming precedes nail polishing or buffing. 75 min. EUR 80
Spa manicure and pedicure 120 min. EUR 130
File and polish 30 min. EUR 40
File and polish – French 30 min. EUR 40


Bikini 20 min. EUR 50
Brazilian wax 30 min. EUR 70
Full leg 60 min. EUR 80
Half leg 30 min. EUR 40


Accentuate and groom lip or eyebrows with this traditional Indian method of hair removal. 15 min. EUR 20

Hairdressing services

Shampoo and blow dry, short hair 45 min. EUR 40
Shampoo and blow dry, long hair 60 to 75 min. EUR 110
Shampoo and set 60 to 75 min. EUR 110
Style cut and blow dry, ladies 60 to 75 min. EUR 90
Shampoo and style cut, men 45 min. EUR 70
Hair cut for children 30 min. EUR 50
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    


Enhancement for Shirodhara
This series of guided breathing techniques improves and balances the flow of the vital life force – prana. Focusing on bhastrikas (rapid abdominal breathing) and kapalabhatti (rapid inhalation and exhalation), the session also incorporates anapana (a simple process of following the breath to calm the mind) and anuloma viloma (alternate-nostril breathing).
60 min. EUR 70
90 min.  EUR 80


Enhancement for Elakkizhi
Sushumna relates to the pranic channel that runs upwards from the base of the spine. Designed specifically for those with back problems, this type of yoga comprises a sequence of simple postures to balance and stabilise the spine, relax the mind and redirect body energy to relieve persistent pain.
60 min. EUR 70
90 min. EUR 80


Enhancement for tantric rituals
An ancient form of yoga aimed at stimulating and freeing the kundalini – the untapped energy at the base of the spine – and allowing it to move upwards, awakening the seven chakras. The emphasis is on controlling the breath in conjunction with physical movements, thus exploring the effects of the prana (vital energy) on the asanas (poses).
60 min. EUR 70
90 min. EUR 80


Enhancement for Zaanta Nidraa
Meaning "union through sound," this ancient spiritual art and science enables us to fine tune our bodies and minds to resonate with the harmony in all of creation. Nada yoga includes techniques that harness the subtle vibrations of sound, asanas designed to mirror nature’s perfection, rituals to purify and redeem the past and meditation to tune us into the divine current of life around us.
60 min. EUR 70
90 min. EUR 80

Ashtanga vinyasa

Enhancement for Thai massage
Meaning "flow," vinyasa yoga resembles a dance due to the smooth way the poses run together. The transition from one pose to the next is synchronised with an inhalation or exhalation. Recommended for participants who enjoy things being a little loose and unpredictable and who like to move.
60 min. EUR 70
90 min. EUR 80


Enhancement for therapeutic massage
Recommended for practitioners who are already quite fit, enjoy exercising and want a minimal amount of chanting and meditation with their yoga. The focus is on postures that enhance strength and flexibility.
60 min. EUR 70
90 min. EUR 80


Enhancement for pregnancy massage
A wonderful way to focus on quality "you time," keep in shape and prepare for the birth process. Gentle and specially adapted asanas make for a safe and enjoyable experience for new and experienced practitioners alike.
60 min. EUR 70
90 min. EUR 80


Enhancement for in-depth ayurvedic programmes and immersions (3 to 28 days)
Patanjali yoga constitutes pure yoga therapy, focused on body discipline, mental control and meditation. Combining eight internal and external cleansing practices as outlined by sage Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras, this method detoxifies the body, builds strength, fortifies the nervous system and balances the subtle energy channels. Students progress through the series at their own pace and comfort in the quest for divine stability and contemplation.
60 min. EUR 70
90 min. EUR 80


Children are naturally flexible, and yoga is the perfect exercise to maintain this trait from an early age. Children’s yoga is all about keeping things simple. In addition to learning the poses, this experience will encourage kids to explore the unfamiliar with open minds, strengthen the body-mind-spirit connection and improve awareness, coordination and stress relief. 60 min. EUR 70
90 min. EUR 80
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Island for Rent – Your very own Private Island in the Maldives

Island for Rent – Your very own Private Island in the Maldives

An island for rent for the night – what could be more romantic than your very own private island? Arrive late afternoon, with time for snorkelling and swimming at leisure before the glorious sun sets and the night sky is filled with stars. Your accommodation on this uninhabited island is a charming Beach  >>>

Romantic Island Getaways – Maldives Experience

Romantic Island Getaways – Maldives Experience

Romantic Island Getaways is an ultimate indulgence, enjoy a private dining experience on an uninhabited private island. A delectable five-course menu will be prepared and served by your private chef and waiter and accompanied by the fizz of sparkling wine and the gentle lap of the ocean. After dining, your chef and  >>>

Diving the Maldives

Diving the Maldives

Diving the Maldives with our ten dives package allows qualified divers to make the most of their time in the beautiful Maldives.   We have no control over the ocean or its inhabitants and so we cannot guarantee sightings of any particular species whilst on a dive.

Diving Holidays Maldives

Diving Holidays Maldives

Diving Holidays Maldives package allows qualified divers to make the most of their time in the beautiful Maldives. The consecutive diving option includes two dives per day plus one night dive.   We have no control over the ocean or its inhabitants and so we cannot guarantee sightings of any  >>>

Learn to Scuba Dive – Maldives Experience

Learn to Scuba Dive – Maldives Experience

Learn to Scuba Dive provides pre-entry level certification in three days and consists of five dives and three theory lessons. You can then upgrade this qualification to Open Water Diver. Each of our Maldives dive centres are manned by English-speaking diving instructors who have an excellent knowledge of local diving conditions and  >>>

Padi Open Water – Maldives Experience

Padi Open Water – Maldives Experience

Padi Open Water course consists of an additional five days including of classroom, confined water and open water modules which qualifies you to dive worldwide. Each of our Maldives dive centres are manned by English-speaking diving instructors who have an excellent knowledge of local diving conditions and observe the highest standards of  >>>

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