A dip in the pool set in the midst of fields brimming with life and a view all the way to the distant mountains A dip in the pool set in the midst of fields brimming with life and a view all the way to the distant mountains
The resort is surrounded by North Thailand's natural beauty The resort is surrounded by North Thailand's natural beauty
The main pool in the evening The main pool in the evening
The fragrance of oils, spices and spa ingredients perfumes the air inside The Spa The fragrance of oils, spices and spa ingredients perfumes the air inside The Spa
A head massage helps to release stress and tension A head massage helps to release stress and tension
Couple enjoy treatments together Couple enjoy treatments together
Thai herbal massage Thai herbal massage
Guest practicing yoga at dusk Guest practicing yoga at dusk
Garden Pavilion Garden Pavilion
Lanna Pavilion, bathroom Lanna Pavilion, bathroom
Rice Terrace Pavilions Rice Terrace Pavilions
Upper Rice Terrace Pavilion Upper Rice Terrace Pavilion
Pool Villa, exterior Pool Villa, exterior
Pool Villa, interior Pool Villa, interior
Pool Villa, bathroom Pool Villa, bathroom
Private Breakfast at the Rice Barn Private Breakfast at the Rice Barn
Terraces Restaurant features international cuisine inspired by the region's abundant natural produce.. Terraces Restaurant features international cuisine inspired by the region's abundant natural produce..
 ..and offers a stunning open-air setting with an expansive view of the surrounding rice paddies ..and offers a stunning open-air setting with an expansive view of the surrounding rice paddies
Savour the unique flavours of northern and vegetarian Thai specialties at Sala Mae Rim Savour the unique flavours of northern and vegetarian Thai specialties at Sala Mae Rim
Cooking class Cooking class
Ratree Bar + Lounge has a casual Thai-style ambience complete with wines, cocktails and snacks Ratree Bar + Lounge has a casual Thai-style ambience complete with wines, cocktails and snacks
The Elephant Bar's open, pavilion-style lounge offers a truly relaxing atmosphere The Elephant Bar's open, pavilion-style lounge offers a truly relaxing atmosphere
Guest relaxing in the pool Guest relaxing in the pool
Resort Residence, living room Resort Residence, living room
Resort Residence, bedroom Resort Residence, bedroom
Resort Residence, sitting room Resort Residence, sitting room
Lan Sai Village shopping boutique Lan Sai Village shopping boutique
Learning how rice is planted can be a rewarding experience Learning how rice is planted can be a rewarding experience
Buddhist temple Buddhist temple
Traditional ferry service Traditional ferry service

Retreat Spa Thailand – Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai *****

This Retreat Spa Thailand almost appears to be an authentic Lanna Kingdom village, so well-executed are its architectural tributes, its terraced rice fields so flourishing and functional throughout the seasons. Encircled by miles of thriving plant life and the distant peaks of the Mae Rim Valley's mountains, the 81-room hotel's 8 hectares of landscaped gardens and lakes seem completely natural. But in truth, the Retreat Spa Thailand was created before the turn of the millennium, by the Chiang Mai Architects Collaborative and the acclaimed Bunnag Architects of Bangkok, to bring a bygone era to life in the trademark style of the Four Seasons group.


The Spa follows the same Lanna-inspired theme, utilising hallmarks of the 13th-century kingdom's design traditions – a portmanteau of Burmese, Indian, Chinese and several other prominent styles of the region to produce an impressive structure that looks more like a northern Thai temple than a spa. But beneath its unadorned skin lies a series of luxurious interiors in regal shades of maroon, decorated with gold leaf and fine local art pieces.


Befitting its status as the World's Best Spa, The Spa offers a holistic experience that can hardly be matched by anything else in the country. Here, just seven exclusive treatment suites are available, each completely enclosed for privacy yet open to natural light and fresh air, scented with delicate fragrances from further inside The Spa. Catering to all needs, the suites are equipped with outdoor showers, soaking tubs, double rain-shower massage beds, and herbal steam rooms, suited to both single occupancy and couples.


Every procedure and ingredient used at The Spa is informed by centuries of tradition and history, with almost all the therapists trained in such arts as Thai massage and Ayurveda. To this end, The Spa employs three exclusive product lines in conjunction with its treatment offerings: Ytsara, a series of ancient Thai procedures using a range of products made from organically grown local herbs, flowers and fruit for healthier skin; Elemis, a collection of essences imported from England administered with their own unique blend of massage techniques including the Welcome Touch warm foot compress; and finally, the Four Seasons Originals, the acclaimed spa group's scientifically perfected answers to the challenges of modern living.


Stretching enthusiasts have something extra to look forward to in the form of a Yoga Barn. Right in the middle of the resort's serene rice fields, it is ideal for one's daily yoga practices. Even complete novices are welcome to book a private lesson and take in the splendour of this beautiful corner of Thailand, just 20 minutes north of Chiang Mai city.


Thai Spa Immersion

This three-hour rejuvenating signature experience takes you on a journey through traditional Thai spa therapies. A herbal poultice using fresh kaffir lime leaves, camphor, prai and ginger stimulates blood circulation and prepares the body for a relaxing yet rejuvenating experience, and is  followed by our signature Samunprai. Unchanged since the 18th century when organic poultices filled with aromatic herbs were administered to soldiers returning home with muscle aches and bruises, the Samunprai treatment uses these poultices to open the pores, releasing a deep medicinal heat to the muscles to relieve tension and revitalize the spirit. Focusing on the Oriental theories of energy meridians, Thai stretching techniques and a pressure point massage follow to treat muscle tension and pain. To complete the journey, a nourishing Lanna facial cleanses and hydrates the skin with natural herbal essences. 3 hours EUR 260

Ila Vitality Ritual

The ideal treatment for stress and exhaustion, the ila Vitality Ritual uses all-natural ila products to stimulate circulation and eliminates toxins. Combining a Himalayan Salt Scrub, Fire Chakra Massage and Inner Glow Facial, the ritual cleanses and strengthens the body’s bio-energy fields and renews vitality, leaving the mind, body and spirit feeling renewed, uplifted and rejuvenated. 2 hours
30 min.
EUR 250

Ila Restorative Ritual

Many factors can disturb the natural flow of the body’s energy, including travelling, stress and modern lifestyle, causing an imbalance in the body. This powerful ritual aims to heal and balance the nervous system using ancient massage techniques to awaken the Kundalini, the dormant energy at the base of the spine, realigning the body’s rhythm and restoring a balanced state. The treatment is completed with an Inner Glow Facial that works on marma points to remove blockages and achieve a beautiful glowing skin. 2 hours
30 min.
EUR 250

Couple’s Spa Escape

Unwind and reconnect as you enjoy treatments together in the Spa's couples' suite or in the privacy of your own guest room. A relaxing body massage using kneading, long strokes and acupressure points melts away tension and stress. A scalp massage then follows with the application of virgin coconut oil and a deep conditioning mask to nourish the hair and scalp, followed by a hand and foot massage to release blocked energy and improve blood circulation. A Glowing Radiance Soak infused with rose and tuberose essential oils completes the ritual, leaving you both with a feeling of complete relaxation and a sense of serenity. 2 hours
30 min.
EUR 500 per couple

Bridal Spa Package

The bride-to-be always has lots to focus on before her big day. This package helps the bride prepare for the big wedding ceremony by focusing on relaxing the body and calming the senses. The treatment begins with a Himalayan Salt Scrub to cleanse, exfoliate and ease stress and exhaustion. A Glowing Radiance Bath with rose and tuberose oil soothes and calms the nervous system, as well as making the skin soft and silky. An aromatic massage using kneading and long strokes eases muscle tension and pain, leaving the bride-to-be feeling relaxed and serene. The treatment finishes with a manicure and pedicure, leaving her looking and feeling her best for her big day. 4 hours EUR 340

Groom’s Spa Package

The ideal treatment for grooms-to-be before their big day. The Groom’s Spa Package helps to release physical tension and stress, and allows him to regain balance. A combination of a herbal steam, body scrub, deep tissue massage and Thai stretching techniques stimulates blood circulation, detoxifies, and eases muscle tension and pain from the body. A manicure or a pedicure of his choice completes the treatment. 3 hours EUR 260

Fire Chakra – "Radiant Beauty"

Also known as manipura in Sanskrit, the navel - or fire - chakra is located in the solar plexus. It is the centre of health and vitality, and governs capacity to grow and develop. Connected to inner strength, sense of purpose and self-confidence, manipura means beautiful, shining jewel in Sanskrit. When it is open and balanced, the body shines from within. This new elevating treatment floods the body with vital energy and inner warmth. An energizing and detoxifying foot and body scrub using Himalayan salt stimulates and cleanses the lymphatic system, whilst a Bio-Energy Mud Wrap recharges the body’s magnetic fields with negative ions and greatly strengthens the vitality of manipura. An energizing bath using fresh homegrown kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and lime slices helps to rejuvenate the body. A manipura massage activates the body’s internal fire, stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory system to restore inner radiance and renew strength leaving the skin brilliantly lustrous. 2 hours EUR 230

Heart Chakra – "Unfathomable Peace"

Known as anahata in Sanskrit, the heart chakra is the centre of unconditional love and governs compassion and forgiveness, generosity and wellbeing. Balancing this chakra is important for the circulatory system, heart and thymus. It also helps fend off disease, and nurtures spiritual love and devotion. Healing the heart chakra can provide relief from limits and fears. The gentle combination of a Himalayan salt foot wash, with jasmine and rose essential oils, and a Himalayan salt and poppy seed scrub draws out toxins and releases tension. A dreamy and relaxing soak in a rose and tuberose bath creates a sense of serenity. An anahata massage and heart work use rose oil and warmed rose quartz to focus on the lymphatic system, gently reconnecting the body and mind to inner peace and stillness, and restoring equilibrium. 2 hours
30 min.
EUR 260
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Traditional Thai

This ancient massage technique (also known as yoga massage) has been handed down through the centuries. Based on the application of pressure along the energy lines of the body, together with the stretching of the muscles, Thai massage stimulates energy flow and eases muscles, replacing tension and stress with a feeling of energy and peace. 90 -
120 min.
EUR 130 - 140

Orient Blend

A pressure-point massage based on the Oriental theories of energy meridians, this massage is effective in relieving tension, aches and pains. The combination of soothing aromatic oils and gentle kneading and stretching will leave the body feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. 90 -
120 min.
EUR 140 - 160


Using Thai herbal oils that release their therapeutic properties into the skin, this healing treatment gently relieves aches through kneading and circular hand movements, leaving the body totally relaxed. Choose from a variety of oils including:
  • Prai – from the ginger family, a natural moisturizer
  • Nutmeg – a southern Thai oil used for muscular ailments
  • Lemongrass – refreshing and stimulating
  • Ylang-ylang – a soft floral fragrance, a soothing stimulant
90 -
120 min.
EUR 140 - 160

Herbal Oil

A restorative massage to purify and balance both body and mind. Using healing rituals originating from India, the combination of blended warm herbal oil and specific massage techniques is designed to balance the nervous system and restore vital energy flow. 60 -
90 min.
EUR 110 - 140


A specialized hand and foot massage to relieve stress and tension and to improve blood circulation. Each of the body’s energy meridians is identified in the pressure points of the feet. Using cooling wild mint massage lotion, the massage releases pain and blocked energy, leaving you feeling totally relaxed. 60 min. EUR 110

Fire Chakra Massage

Also known as the Manipura Massage, manipura meaning beautiful jewel in Sanskrit, this massage focuses on the solar plexus (navel) chakra, the centre of the body’s fire and sun energy that ignites health and restores vitality. This new treatment begins with a Himalayan Salt Scrub to purify the physical and subtle bodies, and is followed by a full-body marma massage, lymphatic drainage, and the application of Himalayan salt and herb poultices to harness and restore vitality, and facilitate a positive flow of energy. 90 min. EUR 160

Restorative Back Massage

Kundalini, the female goddess of awareness believed to take the form of a coiled snake, is the dormant energy in the base of the spine. When awakened, this energy travels up the spine to the third eye, increasing energy and spiritual enlightenment. This new back massage uses a blend of neroli, cardamom, jasmine and patchouli essential oils, combined with ancient massage techniques, chakra healing and Himalayan salt and herb poultices, to deeply sooth, relax and balance the whole of the body’s nervous system. 90 min. EUR 170
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Chi Nei Tsang

This internal organ massage works directly over the navel and surrounding abdominal area, where stress, tension and negative emotions accumulate. If this area is congested, the whole energy of the body is blocked, slowly weakening the internal organs and decreasing energy and vitality. Chi nei tsang massage brings comfort to the abdomen and vital energy to the internal organs. Best taken as a series of three to five treatments for optimal results. 60 min. EUR 110 - 260


This ancient healing art has its origins in the Himalayas. Working with life force energy, reiki aims to address the causes of disease and imbalance, and restore wholeness by activating the body’s natural healing ability. 60 min. EUR 100
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Aloe and Lavender Body Wrap

Hydrating and luxurious aloe vera gel and a toning lavender mist are applied to the body, which is then covered with banana leaves to cool and soothe the skin. An excellent treatment for skin repair and cellular rejuvenation, concluding with the application of lavender body lotion. 60 min. EUR 110

Natural Thai Herb Body Wrap

An exquisite blend of lemongrass, bai nart and prai is combined with tropical fruits to improve and stimulate circulation, and soften and smooth the skin. An application of hydrating prai body moisturizer completes this indulgent treatment. 60 min. EUR 110

Bio-Energy Body Wrap

A new energizing and detoxifying body scrub, intensified by the addition of a mud wrap, draws deeper toxins from the cells. Powerful and revitalizing for both the skin and the lymphatic system, this wrap can promote profound healing in the energy body. 90 min. EUR 170

Bio-Rhythm Treatment

The perfect jetlag recovery treatment, the new Bio-Rhythm Treatment aims to rebalance the body’s natural bio-rhythms and deeply relax the nervous system. A mineral-rich Energy Scrub and Bio-energy Mud Wrap help to charge and restore the body’s bio-magnetic energy field through the release of negative ions. A Kundalini Back Massage using warm poultices and chakra-balancing techniques follows to relax and balance the nervous system. The ritual concludes with a gentle rose oil marma point facial massage to stimulate the flow of energy. 120 min. EUR 230
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Herbal Garden Refresher Scrub

This revitalizing scrub includes a blend of wild lime, kaffir lime leaf and essential oils of lavender and tea tree. Herbal aromas linger as the skin is hydrated with garden lotion. 60 min. EUR 110

Honey Seed Rub

Handmade by our Spa team, this traditional Thai body rub incorporates natural honey, sesame seeds and a lime aromatic splash to leave the body feeling refreshed and invigorated. The treatment concludes with an application of lavender body moisturizer. 60 min. EUR 110

Rice and Spice Scrub

In a tradition that has been used by rice farmers for generations, this sensuous combination of herbs and spices, blended by hand in our Spa kitchen, gently exfoliates and revitalizes the skin. Cloves and ginger warm the muscles and increase blood circulation, creating a natural glow. 60 min. EUR 110

Body Scrub for Energizing and Detoxifying

Using the ionizing properties of Himalayan salt crystals, this new body scrub is the ideal treatment for cellulite, stress and exhaustion. On a physical level, it stimulates circulation and toxin elimination; on a subtle level, it cleanses and strengthens the bio-energy fields, leaving mind, body and spirit uplifted. Ideal in combination with any of the ila massages. 60 min. EUR 130

Body Scrub for a Blissful Experience

Using the healing properties of Himalayan salt crystals, this new body scrub is ideal for times when special pampering is needed. Nourishing both bodily and emotional wellbeing, it restores and relaxes the nervous system, leaving the skin glowing and the body infused with a sense of enhanced wellbeing. Recommended for both a daily boost and for deeper health issues. 60 min. EUR 130
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Lanna Herbal

Herbal essences and ylang-ylang essential oil, plus a herbal potpourri mask, are combined for glowing natural results. 60 min. EUR 100

Ytsara Chum Chun

This quenching organic facial for normal to dry skin uses an intriguing blend of green tea and bamboo shoot extract to heal dull, congested complexions and to hydrate the skin. 60 min. EUR 100

Ytsara Siam Sa

This nurturing organic facial for dehydrated combination skin uses lotus flower and neroli extract to reduce dryness and improve circulation. 60 min. EUR 100

Ytsara Sombun

This balancing organic facial for normal to oily skin uses an exotic synergy of white orchid extract and jasmine essential oil to purify and decongest the skin. 60 min. EUR 100

Ytsara Yothai

This regenerative organic facial for sensitive and ageing skin uses a stimulating blend of pandan leaf and pink lotus extract to alleviate fine lines and assist cell renewal and oxygenation. 60 min. EUR 100

Elemis Visible Brilliance

This revolutionary face and eye treatment instantly firms, rejuvenates and plumps up the skin, while smoothing, sculpting and restoring its youthful tone and texture. Clinical trials show an increase in skin moisture levels by up to 38% and in elasticity by up to 28% after just one treatment. 90 min. EUR 170

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine

This exceptional face and eye treatment helps to slow down the signs of premature ageing and reduce the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles. Powerful anti-ageing ingredients combined with specialized lifting massage techniques help give the skin a more youthful appearance. 90 min. EUR 170

Elemis Skin IQ Facial for Men

This is an intelligent anti-ageing facial that adapts to your skin to give it a boost. Prescribed to protect against the harsh, ageing effects of shaving and environmental damage, this facial is the ultimate skin overhaul for male skin. 90 min. EUR 170

Inner Glow Facial

A new healing and reviving facial treatment that brings deep feelings of bliss and peace, as well as radiant skin. Working on the marma points of the face and neck to remove blockages, the Inner Glow Facial stimulates the flow of energy to relieve stress and tension. Delicate techniques open the energy centres and work with the body’s blissful higher energy to bring about feelings of deep peace and beautifully glowing skin. 60 min. EUR 130
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Angel Bliss Massage

A relaxing, soothing treatment perfect for energetic kids, the Angel Bliss Massage improves the quality of children’s sleep, soothes the nervous system, and helps to strengthen the immune system through a gentle pressure oil massage applied to the scalp, legs and feet. 60 min. EUR 90

Look At Me Facial

Formulated especially to suit young and teenage skin, and to leave a little one looking her very best, this is a very gentle facial incorporating an exhilarating face massage to hydrate and purify the skin. 50 min. EUR 80

Gorgeous Skin Glow

The perfect treatment to bring a glow to young skin, the Skin Glow is a gentle scrub using natural red rice to exfoliate dead skin cells and revitalize the skin. 50 min. EUR 80

Soothing Wrap for Sun-Kissed Skin

The perfect after-sun treatment for those kids who’ve been enjoying the great outdoors, this soothing body wrap uses the healing power of aloe vera to cool, moisturize and heal the skin. 50 min. EUR 80

Shiny Hair Treatment

All girls love their locks, and this is the perfect treat to nourish hair and scalp. The hair treatment is combined with a relaxing scalp massage using virgin coconut oil, and finishes with a hydrating and deep-conditioning hair mask. Perfect after days soaking up the sun. 45 min. EUR 60

Yoga for Youngsters


A great introduction to yoga for young ones and teens, Yoga for Youngsters focuses on simple breathing techniques, yoga postures, stretching, relaxation and visualisation that will help children increase their flexibility, strength, coordination, and build greater self esteem and confidence.

Yoga Bonding and Spa Bonding packages are also available, giving parents and children the opportunity to enjoy yoga and the Spa together. And why not also treat those tiny toes to a perfect pedicure, or some cool nail art or hair braids to show off to all the kids back home?

All are suitable for children aged 6 years and above. Children age 6 to 11 years old are welcome to enjoy the treatments when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

60 min. EUR 20
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Lanna Tok Sen Ritual

Tok Sen is an ancient massage technique indigenous to the Lanna region of northern Thailand. The techniques of Tok Sen, meaning "to tap the meridians", have been used for generations to release energy blockages and stimulate circulation. During the treatment, an instrument made of natural wood is lightly tapped along the body's meridians to create soothing vibrations. The ritual combines this rhythmic tapping with a soothing prai essential-oil massage that uses effleurage and kneading techniques to leave the body relaxed and rebalanced. 90 min. EUR 150

Teak Wood Massage

This energizing full-body massage incorporates specially blended herbal oils and carved implements made of smooth, natural teak wood to stimulate the body's pressure points. In addition to deep-pressure massage techniques, the carved pieces, each designed to target a different area of the body, are rolled over the muscles to treat deep-seated tension and pain. Warm Thai herbal oils of your choice help to leave the body soothed, rebalanced and free of tension. 90 min. EUR 150

Ytsara Samunprai

Experience this traditional Thai therapy, unchanged since the 18th century, when organic poultices filled with aromatic herbs were administered to soldiers returning home with muscle aches and bruises. The balancing poultices used today open pores and release a deep medicinal heat to the muscles to release tension and revitalize your spirit. To complete the treatment, gentle stretching techniques are used with an invigorating aromatic synergy of oils to take your body on a journey of total renewal. 120 min. EUR 190

Ytsara Nuat Namman

This relaxing massage combines tropical scents with soothing acupressure massage and essential oils to rebalance your vital energies and restore harmony. Choose one of our four signature aromatherapy blends:
  • Ponklai: Relaxing oil using a blend of lemongrass and orange
  • Lod Kwam Uan: Slimming oil using long pepper and cinnamon
90 min. EUR 140 - 150

Ytsara Saat

This treatment begins with a cajeput- and orange-infused exfoliation, followed by a papaya and aloe vera body wrap to remove toxins. An Orient blend massage purifies the body and boosts your metabolism. 2 hours
30 min.
EUR 210

Ytsara Sawan

This treatment includes a moisturizing body scrub followed by a replenishing body wrap. Pineapple and tamarind extracts rebalance your skin and restore your vital energies. Concludes with a relaxing lemongrass aromatic massage. 2 hours
30 min.
EUR 210
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Group Classes


Our group yoga classes are suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Begin your day by inhaling the clean air and stretching your body into stillness, or after a busy day relax with yoga to soothe the muscles and mind for the evening ahead. Classes are limited to five people. Please contact the Spa for availability and reservations.

Monday,Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 am

75 min. EUR 30

Private Classes

With one of our private yoga sessions, you can choose to enhance your yoga practice or simply experience yogic relaxation for the mind and spirit. Private classes can be arranged throughout the day to fit in with your other activities. 90 min.  

Simply Yoga

An introduction to yoga for yourself or for you and your partner, this wonderful, simple class is for the true beginner. It starts with easy stretching and an overall body warm-up, followed by gentle yoga poses and introductory meditation techniques. We have designed this class with the purpose of teaching basic yoga philosophy, leaving you with a pleasurable first impression and a desire to continue your yoga journey.    


This series of exercises combines classic Pilates techniques with traditional yoga practice. It blends the principles of Pilates, which concentrates on core strength and correct body alignment, with the appropriate yoga postures, ensuring a perfect harmony of body and mind.    

Sun Salutation

Awaken your awareness in the fresh and tranquil environment of Chiang Mai as dawn rises above the picturesque paddy fields. This classic yoga class synchronizes your breathing with 12 dynamic postures. You will be encouraged to practise the postures in accordance with your own yoga ability, ensuring that they are performed correctly. This excellent morning routine builds stamina, strength and flexibility.    

Yogic Breathing and Buddhist Walking Meditation

In pranayama (yogic breathing), certain yoga positions enable you to engage your breathing in different parts of the respiratory system so that all parts are given a maximum workout, ensuring balance and equilibrium. To complement pranayama, we also use Buddhist walking meditation, a practice well-known for its simplicity and effectiveness. Placing each footstep in a delayed, purposeful manner ensures that the mind is in complete agreement with each walking motion, resulting in higher levels of concentration and greater serenity.    



The class combines the supportive and therapeutic elements of water and the harmonizing effect of yoga. Using the natural resistance of the water, the focus is on linking one movement with another, smoothly working all muscles. The refreshing, soothing qualities of the water lessen the impact on the joints and gently stretch the muscles, resulting in a complete body-mind experience. Offering a greater physical challenge compared to the same exercises performed on land, it is highly effective in relieving stress.

Location: Residence Pool


Personalized Home Program

This program is based on each individual’s objectives. Whether you are a beginner or a practitioner who needs to maintain and improve already-existing skills, we will design a balanced routine to suit your physical abilities and yoga goals. This will ensure your enjoyment and motivate you to continue your spiritual practice when you return home.    
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Hand and Foot Treatments

Ladies' manicure 45 min. EUR 40
Royal manicure 60 min. EUR 40
Ladies' pedicure 50 min. EUR 50
Royal pedicure 60 min. EUR 60
Manicure and pedicure 90 min. EUR 70
Royal manicure and pedicure 120 min. EUR 80
French manicure 60 min. EUR 60
French pedicure 60 min. EUR 60
French manicure and pedicure 60 min. EUR 80
Gentlemen's manicure 60 min. EUR 30
Gentlemen's pedicure 60 min. EUR 40
Gentlemen's manicure and pedicure 60 min. EUR 60
Nail re-polish   EUR 10
Rates include all taxes and service charges.    

Thailand Private Tour – Ancient Siam ***

Thailand Private Tour – Ancient Siam ***

On this Thailand private tour you discover ancient cities and iconic sights A comprehensive tour visiting the ancient Thai Kingdoms of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai, the Bridge over the River Kwai and the fascinating scenery and temples of northern Thailand. Ancient Ssiam can be taken as a Three and a half Star  >>>

Angkor Tour – Siem Reap + Private Villa

Angkor Tour – Siem Reap + Private Villa

Combine your Angkor Tour with a visit in bustling Bangkok and a relaxing stay at one of Thailand’s beautiful private villa resorts.   Itinerary Angkor Tour   Day 1 – EUROPE TO BANGKOK Fly to Bangkok. Arrive the following day and spend three nights at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok or  >>>

Spa Holidays Thailand – Wellness Journey

Spa Holidays Thailand – Wellness Journey

Experience the very best in spa holidays Thailand healing and pampering with a combination of Thailand’s diverse highlights of bustling Bangkok, colourful Chiang Mai with its excellent shopping and sightseeing opportunities, and the stunning beaches of Hua Hin.   Itinerary Spa Holidays Thailand   DAY 1 – EUROPE TO BANGKOK Fly  >>>

Siam Holidays – Treasures of Northern Thailand ***

Siam Holidays – Treasures of Northern Thailand ***

Siam Holidays Treasures of Northern Thailand is a comprehensive guided tour through the northern region of Thailand – taking you on a journey of temples, hill tribes and night markets. Just a few of the highlights include an elephant ride, a long tail boat trip down the Mekong River and a traditional  >>>

Tour Golden Triangle – Thailand Experience

Tour Golden Triangle – Thailand Experience

Our favourite Tour Golden Triangle is the combination of Bangkok, the delightful cities and villages of northern Thailand and a choice of stunning beach resort. The Tour Golden Triangle offers a classic experience of Thailand’s diverse highlights – city, culture and beach and you can choose your hotels for this private itinerary.  >>>

Luxury Tour Thailand – Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai

Luxury Tour Thailand – Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai

On this luxury tour Thailand combine the vibrancy of sense-awakening Bangkok with Chiang Mai’s exotic jungle-clad hills and villages before exploring the more remote region of Chiang Rai.   Itinerary Luxury Tour Thailand   DAY 1 – EUROPE to BANGKOK Fly Thai Airways to Bangkok arriving the following day.   DAY  >>>

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