Asiaspa Introduction

Asiaspa has become a globel phenomenon only in the last few years. Spas and health retreats however are centuries older and were originally places where people went to rest and bathe in water believed to possess curative properties. Gradually, other treatments were introduced – osteopathy, nutritional guidance and manual physiotherapy techniques, among  >>>

Spa Trends

A spa trend that has recently emerged and is fast gaining popularity is medical tourism, where people travel abroad for medical as well as aesthetic treatments. Large hospitals in India and Thailand, for instance, can perform hip and knee replacements at a fraction of what it costs in Europe. What’s more, many  >>>

Lose Weight Naturally

Lose weight naturally in a spa cuisine retreat in Southeast Asia. Experience the effect of a balanced diet to support the body’s natural reaction to reduce body fat to adapt to the tropical outside temperature.   People are increasingly concerned about their health and well-being, and are conscious about what they eat.  >>>