Bali Luxury Tour – Bali Experience

Bali Luxury Tour as a personal journey of discovery through this magical, mystical and strikingly beautiful island is recommended to feel the true essence of Bali. Bali is a cultural and scenic haven of unmatched splendour and the Bali Experience Tour will envelop you in the island’s beauty, creating unforgettable memories.  >>>

Tour Java – The Peaks and Temples of Java and Bali

Tour Java to immerse yourself in the beauty and architecture of Java and Bali, taking in intricate history and sculptural design including Prambanan and the Borobudur temple. Take with you spellbinding memories of the magnificent Mount Bromo sunrise, experience the artisans of Ubud and unwind on the beaches of South Bali.  >>>

Luxury Holiday Destinations – Singapore + Bali + Hong Kong + Thailand

Luxury Holiday Destinations is a magical journey through some of Asia’s most alluring destinations Undoubtedly one of the most magical, inspirational and memorable holidays imaginable, this journey through Asia is also one of our most popular, taking you through the highlights of the Orient. Combine the vibrancy of Hong Kong, Bangkok  >>>

Private Tour Bali – Classic Bali

Private Tour Bali will take you from the seaside town of Candidasa, up to the remote mountain village of Munduk and back down to earth to relax on Bali’s beautiful beaches. Classic Bali offers a choice for those wishing to explore scenically splendid isle and engage in the untouched traditional Balinese  >>>

Bali Sight Seeing – Kintamani Island Tour

Bali Sight Seeing is a perfect introduction to Bali’s fascinating culture and handicrafts, offering picturesque rice fields and villages, and the spectacular lake and volcano as a highlight. First stop is the stone carving village of Batubulan to see the colourful and exciting Barong dance. After the performance, you will drive through  >>>

Tanah Lot – Bali Experience

On this tour you will journey into the countryside and then make a stop to take a short walk (approx. 300 metres) through scenic terraced rice fields. Cultivated in unique Balinese style, they are surrounded by coconut trees and tropical horticultural plants including sweet potatoes and tapioca. A truly breathtaking sight. At  >>>

Bali Dances – Colourful Traditional Dances

Bali Dances are part of the fascinating Balines culture. No visit to Bali would be complete without seeing some of the Island’s many colourful Traditional Dances. There are over 200 different dances – all a part of the fascinating Balinese culture. This tour takes you to the village of Batubulan to see  >>>