Longtail fishing boat on Langkawi Island, Malaysia Longtail fishing boat on Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Malaysia Private Island – Langkawi Private Island Tour

On our Malaysia Private Island tour you visit the Bon Ton Kampung Houses an illusive Mahsuri’s Tomb – this vengeful woman cursed Langkawi for seven generations after she was wrongfully convicted of adultery and sentenced to death. At Black Sand Beach discover whether the remains from the great battle between Garuda and Jentayu still exist, as some believe. This peaceful beach is stained with black sand that’s thought to be caused by iron oxide, although legend suggests it’s due to the soil of rice fields burnt in the Siamese war. Just down the road, see the intricate Malaysian batik on display at a craft centre. Try your hand at batik making, a dyeing process that uses wax to produce various designs and motifs. Lastly, marvel at the towering statue of a reddish brown eagle, its wings outstretched in flight, at Eagle Square in the centre of town.