World watches Thai festivities


The Songkran Splendours festival is attracting visitors from around the world keen to celebrate the Thai new year.

A fascinating cultural programme is being offered at the festival in Bangkok and another 12 cities important to the country’s heritage from 9 to 24 April.

Suraphon Svetasreni, governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, said the unique festival is popular with visitors who want their Thailand holidays to be fun and memorable.

He added: “Songkran is the annual festival that all Thais look forward to, as it brings together families and friends to celebrate the Thai new year by honouring their elders, while relieving the summer heat by joyfully splashing each other.”

Those on tailor made holidays are afforded glimpses into Thailand’s open and welcoming communities, which often encourage travellers to be involved in Songkran ceremonies.  

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