Ayurveda Balance

Ayurveda Balance introduces you to the time-tested Indian system of healing that is rapidly gaining the utmost respect in spas worldwide. Translated from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, Ayurveda is the ‘science of life’ (ayur meaning life, veda meaning knowledge). Its basic paradigm is derived from a series of revered Sanskrit texts  >>>

Jamu Indonesia

Jamu Indonesia, the use of herbs in healing, is as old as Javanese civilisation itself with evidence of their use etched on the walls of Borobudur, the famed Buddhist monument in central Java dating from 800-900 AD.   Jamu – Traditional Indonesian Medicine   Although healing customs differ among the regions of  >>>

TCM Chinese Medicine

When the World Health Organisation first began to endorse indigenous healing systems, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was on the top of the list. This is hardly surprising as its influence has spread further and wider than any other form of alternative therapy. Many spa treatments around the world have their roots in  >>>

Ramuan Malaysia

Ramuan Malaysia, as with other ancient Eastern healing philosophies, believes that balance within the universe and the body is the foundation of health and wellbeing. Malays believe that outer beauty is a reflection of inner health, and to this end, traditional healers advocate a varied, primarily plant-based diet comprising vegetables, fruits, grains  >>>


Thai medicine is split into three disciplines: religious or spiritual healing, manipulative (Thai) massage, and diet or herbal medicine. As herbs and food have a profound effect on the healing process, they are considered fundamental therapies in themselves.   Thaimassage   Thaimassage or nuat bo’rarn is one of the oldest and most  >>>