Phuket opens new tourist footbridge


A new bridge connecting Phuket in Thailand with the holiday hideaway of Coconut Island promises to further enhance the tourist experience in the luxury holiday destination..

The newly built pier was inaugurated this week after a £200,000 project to replace an old and damaged wooden structure was completed, reported the Phuket Gazette.

The Phuket Provincial Administration hopes the completion of the bridge will attract more tourists to Coconut Island as access is made easier by foot.

Travellers who decide to take Thailand holidays will be able to reach the island much more comfortably from Phuket, as the 170-metre long and three-metre wide pier is estimated to bring between 2,100 to 3,500 tourists to the island on a weekly basis.

In the last year, tourists have been increasingly choosing Phuket for their luxury holidays, with more than eight million people flying to the destination in 2011.


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